I’ve said a few things about Odd Future in the past. But that was about their music. Now they have their own television show.

I bet you can guess what channel it’s on without me even telling you.

Stumped? It’s on CNN, right after Anderson Cooper. Just kidding. It’s on [adult swim]. It’s set to premier on March 25th and will feature Tyler, Jasper Dolphin, Taco Bennett, and Lionel Boyce with Jackass‘ own Dickhouse producing the show.

From the looks of it (for those of you much too lazy “busy” to watch the video) it looks like it has the feel of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! mixed with a Thrasher video (without any vert skaters) if both of those things had a sleepover and watched several hours of my old backyard wrestling tapes from high school.

In other words, it looks spasmodic in its surrealism with a strong fist pressed flush in the face of conformity to common comedy conventions.

In other, other words it looks goofy and like it belongs on [adult swim] with Squidbillies and Tom Goes To The Mayor.

Bonus video: