Tonight the Larimer Lounge is dedicated to the free-spirited audiophiles of the world as Santa Cruz based band The Devil Makes Three takes to the stage in a show that has been sold out for weeks. Undoubtedly the group sees no need to fit themselves into a category; their style could be summed up (or elaborated as) punk rockabilly ragtime bluegrass with an essence of folk. Though the group finds its roots in American Blues, their avant-garde style speaks of children who ruefully color outside of the lines. But why not? In a world of Jay-Z and Sound Tribe collaborations, it seems apparent that the hearkening masses are completely enthralled with these euphonious mash-ups, with no concern for putting the music they are rocking out to into the proverbial box of musical classification.

Their latest album Stomp and Smash, released weeks ago is just another example of this group’s radical yet successful melody-making. When you sit down for a listen, you find yourself uncontrollably tapping your foot. As the music builds you find yourself ambling out of your chair, slapping your thigh… Where’s my spoons? My jaw harp? But in all seriousness, while there may be a hillbilly twang to their tunes, their followers are just as varied as their music, and they like to have a smashing good time.