There was actually a time when I was scared to tell people that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Believe it or not, some people hate it. This one girl actually called me a “bruja,” (Spanish for witch), because I told her I liked it. (I use to work with her and another “anti-Halloweenist” several years ago.)

I’ve never had anyone look at me like that before—like I was some kind of satanic monster. Well, obviously it was against their religion, (which I totally respect), but why the dirty looks? I guess some people are passionate about what they choose to believe in.

And I choose to celebrate Halloween…

I also chose to get a “head start” into the festivities by going to The 13th Floor
last Friday night. It was still light outside when we got there, but it felt like midnight once we entered—it’s quiet and you walk into complete darkness…

But that doesn’t last long.

And just when you’re getting “warmed up” you approach an elevator, (now that’s when the fun really begins). They don’t call it The 13th Floor for nothing, it really feels like you’re on an old, rickety elevator…and it gets even better when you walk out.

But that’s for me to know.

The whole tour is full of surprises, and that’s what makes it so fun. Every room is different and the actors do a phenomenal job “playing evil.” There was actually a few times when I couldn’t see much in front of me, and it wasn’t because of the smoke—it was dark. I love the fact that I never knew what was going to happen next. I was in suspense the whole time.

And if you went last year, you won’t be disappointed—no “reruns” here. You are entertained from the moment you get there, until the moment you leave. Overall, it takes about 45 minutes to walk through.

I’d love to give you more details, but then I’d spoil the surprise.

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