Last week’s “Fºd by Degrees” story has turned into an A+ story. My Pavlova failed because I baked it at the wrong temperature (Cº v. Fº). You’ve seen the failure… I thought it only fair to share with you how beautiful it is when it is done right.

What is so fabulous about this dessert is that it is surprisingly easy and fast to prepare. All you need to do is whisk up a few egg whites and sugar into a meringue, spread it free-form onto a tray into the shape of a pie dish and bake it at a low temperature for an hour. The end result is a crispy shell with a chewy center.

Use this delicate vessel to transport whatever filling you can think of: pastry cream, lemon curd, fruits, etc. Besides being versatile, it can make a stunning presentation. Consider making a Pavlova for an elegant dinner party or bring it to a potluck.

My Pavlova has a dark chocolate layer brushed into the well. This will keep any juices from diced fruits from sogging up the shell. The berry fruit salad is spiked with a bit of Triple Sec and the dessert is finished with a tangy lemon whipped cream. The lemony tartness is a fresh counterbalance to the sweetness of the meringue.

When you need a dessert and don’t know what to make, make a Pavlova, and make an impression.

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The Patrician Palette | Mark Woolcott Photography