I can’t explain the way my brain works, but the first thing that I thought of after viewing this beautiful tropical shoot by Andreas Sjodin was, “What if this wasn’t just a smoky eye, but horrible, deep, Uncle Fester dark circles?!”

Where would you turn? What would you do? Well, I’ll step you through this nightmare scenario, and lead you to some helpful information to tackle those (even minor) dreaded dark circles.


1. Cut back on possible lifestyle factors, such as lack of sleep, physical or emotional stress, smoking, or habitual alcohol use.

2. Take your Vitamins! A vitamin deficiency can lead to darkening under the eyes. Try to find a multi that includes vitamin K, as that can be particularly effective.

3. Keep Hydrated. Drinking your recommended 8 glasses of water a day helps everything in your body work better, and also keeps your skin pump and hydrated which can lessen the appearance of dark circles.

4. Avoid excessive sun exposure, which can make a pigmentation problem even worse. Or at the very least keep your sunglasses on outdoors.

5. Vitamin K topically. Products containing vitamin k meant to be applied topically can also help to disperse any “pooling” of blood under the eyes – but this should be used with caution as some people can have skin reactions to the topical use of this particular vitamin.


1. Jane Iredale Enlighten Concealer covers dark circles as it treats them. The peachy tone of this concealer is great for anyone suffering from blueish toned dark circles, as it helps to neutralize those colors.

2. Make Up For Ever “Full Cover” – this is a concealer that is strongly pigmented, but won’t cake up under the eyes. It is also waterproof which helps it to stay put throughout the day (even through sweat or tears!). Just remember – a little goes a long way with this stuff.

3.  Follow up your under eye cover up with a pressed powder, and then pat on a makeup setting spray such as: Urban Decay “All Nighter” Setting Spray.

So ditch the cucumbers (they don’t work), and try some of these tips and tricks!  Hope it helps brighten your day!