Miss BeFit: Circuit Training

Say au revoir to workout slumps with the bundle of exercise fun that is circuit training! The worst part of working out is getting bored with the same routine and feeling exhausted with the mundane-ness of it all before you even lace up your Nikes. In order to keep your energy level up, you’ve got to mix it up. Apply that idea to your weekly plan as well as to each individual workout and you’ll be able to find an exercise schedule that sticks.

Circuit training is one of the easiest ways to mix it up. A circuit is a series of exercises done one right after the other with a short break in between each one. This is really easy to do at the gym for strength training, both on machines and with free weights, but it can also be applied to cardio and toning workouts outside.

Below is a sample circuit I use for my leg days, created by my brother Cole “The Machine” Anderson.

1) Bleacher lap. My old high school’s bleachers have six sets of stairs, so I just use the whole thing. Do more or less, depending on whatever floats your boat. For one bleacher lap, run up the first set of stairs, jog to the second. Run down, then immediately up the second set and jog to the third. Repeat until you run down the last set of stairs. In the end, you will have run in a snake shape.

2) Walking lunges from the ending point of your bleacher lap back to the starting point. It ends up being about 40 lunges; don’t count them, it’s miserable if you do, instead make sure your knee makes a 90-degree angle and you keep your back straight. Be prepared to feel your quads.

3) Shake your legs out while you head to the track, and then run it backwards. If there’s no track, run backwards around the football field or soccer field. Stay on your toes to avoid any ass-over-teakettle action and feel the difference from forwards running in your quads and calves.

4) Star Jumps. Start in a squat, hands stretched towards the ground for balance. Jump straight up, swing your arms and legs into an “X” shape like a jumping jack in the air, and smile! because you can’t really help it with this exercise anyway. Return to the starting position. Do ten jumps.

This is one circuit. Start with one or two and gradually work up to four, or five if you are Wonder Woman. Four circuits is about a 45-minute workout.

Make sure to stretch your quads, hamstrings, calves and hip flexors after your workout. Mix your circuit training in with your exercise regime and do it once or twice a week, then stock up on some miniskirts because your legs are about to look smokin’.

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