To be a vampire one must have a monstrous ego to think that they are so important that they should live forever, even under the restrictions of being such a creature. A vampire has to avoid the sun, sleep in coffins, feed on blood and is feared by all. In Bram Stoker’s Dracula at the Denver Center Theatre Company directed by Gavin Cameron-Webb, from the very beginning audiences are pulled into this dark and treacherous world through the various efforts of the design team.

Sofia Jean Gomez as Lucy and Anthony Marble as Count Dracula in the DCTC production of DRACULA. Photo by Terry Shapiro.

Anthony Marble plays the title role, Count Dracula. In the beginning we see a weak, funny and some may consider likeable side of the character as he moves around the castle entertaining and constantly questioning his new house guest Jonathan Harker (Harry Carnahan). As the play progresses Marble really transforms the character into the chilling and fearful villain Dracula is famous for being.

Philip Pleasants plays the role of Professor Abraham Van Helsing. At first his take on the character feels a little too aloof, but as he grows into the character audiences are able to understand the reasoning behind his aloof and odd behavior.

M. Scott McLean, as Arthur Holmwood, and Jeremiah Wiggins, as Dr. John Seward are completely believable in their scenes and manage a range of wide range of emotions.

Margaret Loesser Robinson as Mina and Sofia Jean Gomez as Lucy in the DCTC production of DRACULA. Photo by Terry Shapiro.

Margaret Loesser Robinson and Sofia Jean Gomez, as Mina Murray Harker and Lucy Westenra, respectively, offered fantastic performances, as they were lured and manipulated by the Count Dracula. As Robinson is hypnotized by the Van Helsing, she is utterly remarkable as she twitches, writhes and thrashes while channeling Dracula.

Michael McKenzie was creepy, funny and very believable as the insect and animal-eating lunatic, R. M. Renfield. He took the stage and commanded all attention whether he was the center or the scene or just milling about on the sidelines. His performance earned thunderous applause as he took the stage for his final bow.

Michael McKenzie as Renfield in the DCTC production of DRACULA. Photo by Terry Shapiro.

Under the direction of Webb and the combined talent of the cast Bram Stoker’s Dracula is thrilling, chilling and a fantastic production to see during this Halloween season. This is no story of Edward Cullen, this is the father of all vampires, the original vampire story…Dracula plays now through October 31st.

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Marble as Count Dracula in the DCTC production of DRACULA. Photo by Terry Shapiro.