Dubstep hero Nero

The original Nero was apparently no hero. Although he may have been popular with the people, some historians believe the Roman emperor had his own mother murdered at one point. On the bright side, he allegedly founded a festival–somewhat vainly called Neronia–featuring poetry, games and theater. The UK dubstep duo who commandeered his name several millennia later are appropriately slated to slay this Saturday’s Love Festival in Colorado Springs.

SoCal-based Go Ventures, the production company who partnered with legendary Denver dance music promoter Pureform Atmospheres for the joint Colorado venture, is behind one of The Golden State’s biggest massives (not to mention the largest NYE party in the US)—Together As One. Go’s been going strong for nearly twenty years now. Just as Denver’s Triad Dragons have taken their signature Global Dance Fest on tour to Hawaii, Kansas City and even Greece in recent years, Go is spreading their Love Festival brainchild from its LA birthplace to Hawaii, Vegas and Colorado Springs. Donald Glaude, Christopher Lawrence, Reza and Germany’s Klaas are lined up to headline Colorado Springs’ Phil Long Expo Center with Nero, while MLE, Kaya, Tommy B, Krootz, Ishe, Rumble Junkie, Beatport kingpins Manufactured Superstars and special effects specialist Alan Endorfun offer aural support.

Beatport users will know Nero for their recent Beatport Awards–Best Dubstep Track (“Act Like You Know”) as well as Best Dubstep Act. The pair hails from the same London suburb that’s home to drum and bass heavyweights Adam F, Goldie and LTJ Bukem. This summer’s jaunt marks their physical debut on American soil, but they’ve already begun to make their mark on American music, re-working N.E.R.D.’s “Hot & Fun” along with Eminem, Lil Wayne and Kanye via Drake’s “Forever”. Brits and Canadians seem to be their forte thus far, though–Deadmau5, La Roux and Calvin Harris are among the artists on Nero’s growing remix resume.