Charles Dogdson AKA Lewis Carroll wasn’t a musician in the traditional sense, but his mushroom-peppered, Wonderland wordplay has influenced plenty of compositions since. The soundtrack to Disney’s classic cartoon mash-up–recorded by “Tutti” Camarata’s Chorus & Orchestra is obviously a prominent example. Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit and The Beatles’ I Am The Walrus are others. “Follow Me Down”, a tune contributed by Boulder’s own 3OH!3 (no relation to us) to the soundtrack for Tim Burton’s recent CGI remix, is yet another. Denver deck goddess DJ MLe will add her own spin to the list this Friday, April 23, when she plays Alice for Greg Bloom’s Wunderland-themed In Bloom VII at 303 venue fave City Hall.

MLe is easily one of the finest female knob twiddlers on Earth, both technically and aesthetically. Her DJ IQ is practically off the charts. Calling her one of The Mile High Club’s most valuable assets is not a stretch. Denver isn’t the only city enamored with her either. She plays out-of-state gigs on the regular. L.A., Phoenix, New York, London, Dallas, Miami, Costa Rica, Memphis and Black Rock City, the site of Burning Man, are all crossed off her to-rock list. None of this comes as any surprise to those in the know. Her energy behind the decks is infectious. It’s as if her body is ravished by a highly contagious strain of epilepsy known as Dancing Feet that’s somehow transmitted aurally. Victims within earshot are compelled to wiggle their limbs. I should know. I’ve eagerly succumbed for nearly ten years now. Three different states to date. I thought disco was dead until I caught her monthly Fever residency in Boulder this past Friday. The girl could play country covers of happy hardcore and somehow make it fun.

What will MLe play at Wunderland? Recent Velcro City Records releases are a safe bet, but follow her @$$ down the rabbit hole this Friday to find out. I’ll be there, celebrating my umpteenth annual Unbirthday and singing with MLE’s tag team partner-in-crime Ishe.

mLe – “GenRe Bend” by mle