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What a week. Not only was yesterday super productive, today is the anniversary of my birth and tomorrow is Earth Day. Like I said, what a week.

Yesterday, April 20th 2010, I was a bit overmedicated and decided to take a visit to my favorite Wallgreens. As I roamed the aisles and debated whether or not I should open the ice tea in my basket, I stumbled across the new summer Revlon products and that is where my birthday celebration began.  I automatically zeroed in on the new nail polish shades and lip glosses. Then I surprisingly remembered that in the new W magazine there is a recommendation for Revlon’s new shade, Gray Suede. Then I saw Minted, a moss green color that screams “put me on your toes and run in the sand!”. After trying to decide for 27 minutes which color to buy I decided on Minted. Why? Maybe because I actually wanted a mint in my mouth or I just liked the color, either way I was excited. However, not as excited as I was when Lydia, dollface behind the counter, informed me that the Revlon polish was buy one get one! I know, what a week.

Products of the Week: Revlon Nail Enamel in, Gray Suede and Minted.Photobucket

  1. You are too funny for words but I have to admit now I want to go get some new nail polish

  2. Love Revlon’s Gray Suede nailpolish- it’s my new favorite polish, mmhm.

    I was actually searching for a link on where to buy it to post on my blog when I found your blog. I’m also in Denver. Love it!

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