Restaurant week is always fun. As a waitress, I’m making some good cash and meet tons of interesting people (mostly…you know who you are…jerks…) ANYWAY, one of my guests told me about this new play that would be up my alley (I’m a glorified Russophile…Johnny Weir and I totally have that in common, although I don’t have embroidered ice skates with my name in Russia on them….note to self..get those.)


It’s called When Tang Met Laika, and it’s playing at the Space Theater in the Center for Performing Arts. The play is about the international space station, love in space and the ghost of Yuriy Gagarin and Laika (if you don’t know who they are…Google them. now.) It was AMAZING, and what’s even better, for plays at the center, students can get in for $10, and if you’re not a student, it’s only $18. You’re not sitting in a movie theater…you are seeing actual people act, and there is something to be said about injecting yourself with real art. The next day, I told my friend that I went to a play and they said, shit, we just stayed home and got stoned watching Futurama reruns.

If Dentyne Gum ads taught me anything, there is always something to be said about making face time and going out with people. Plays are fun, and for the sake of fun and art, I can always find a crumpled $10 bill. Seriously, do something new, I’ll be Smokey the Bear..only I am for plays, not forest fires…but also, forest fires are bad…mmkay.

And P.S The next play is coming soon, so if you miss Tang, check out Mama Hated Diesels, its got Johnny Cash music…you can’t go wrong.

Make Face Time (love this commercial!)

I love figure skating…(this is Johnny Weir) He and I are peas in a pod, only I can’t skate. Check out his hat!! love it.