Movement of Jah people. Yeah, these people–Kailey and I–headed up the mountain this past weekend. It was simply time to get the hell out of the city. My writing muse had gone missing (probably out on a drunken bender, leaving me wordless and dry in the meantime), Kailey’s lip was still on the mend, and we’d simply hit a wall with everything in our lives. We drove to our friends’ mountain home. It was only a one-hour drive from Denver, but required a precarious climb up seven steep and winding switchbacks, which gave us the illusion of an epic getaway–as well as slight vertigo.

We arrived to our friends, Steve and Missy, welcoming us like family, pouring us drinks, and engaging us in interesting conversation while Missy made steak for dinner. One interesting question arose: how is love different from when you were younger? Another equally important question came up: would you pierce your septum? We decided Steve should go for it, after he stuck part of a beer ring up his nose and it didn’t look half bad.

After dinner, we headed into the truly compelling part of the evening–Wii bowling. I was but a Wii virgin before this night. All I can say is: it was life changing, utterly life changing. It only could have been better if we were bathrobing it like The Dude. Yet, we got a strange sort of workout in the process and Missy, who took such good care of us all night, kicked all our butts easily and without a second thought.

Kailey and I awoke in the morning to find cottony fog hovering outside the numerous windows of the mountain home, creating the illusion we were floating in midair. It was stunning and the kind of thing that gives one pause, enough so, that you become riveted to that moment forever. We looked at each other in silent wonder and knew that, now, we’d be ready to return home.