I chipped my front tooth yesterday while chewing on a cocktail straw. Why was I chewing on a cocktail straw, you ask? Well, because I was just laid off from one of my many random jobs, and needed the immediate comfort of vodka in my system and my soul. So, as you can imagine, I was pretty upset from everything, from the amalgamation of missing a section of my tooth and, of course, the loss of some much needed income. How did I handle this stress? Like most women, and some men, I bawled my eyes out uncontrollably and called my mom.

This week we are going to talk about concealer and foundation to cover up those horrible days–at least physically. Ladies, if you are having a bad day that involves anything from a chipped tooth to unemployment, know that makeup is here to make our tragedy denounced to the public.

Depending on your age or your traumatic situation, under-eye concealer might be your best friend, or it might just make you look like you’re a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race. A great under-eye concealer that also works wonders covering blemishes is the basic Cover Girl Smoothers concealer in stick form. It’s not over-drying like I found the Maybelline concealing stick to be. The Cover Girl stick is thick enough for great coverage but leaves your skin looking fresh and even.

*Product of the Week: Revlon New Complexion Concealer, one-step compact.*

This is a great foundation which is creamy, goes on quickly and easily. If you have oily skin, it would be best to use a loose or translucent powder following the concealer since it does have a creamy consistency.

Now on to foundations.  LESS IS MORE! I cannot stress that enough. Not everyone needs foundation, but for the people who do I advise using a concealer brush, it doesn’t waste the product like sponges most often do.  Also, make sure to wash your concealer brush and all other makeup brushes as well at least once a week. I just use a gentle baby shampoo like Johnson’s or Aveeno Baby Wash. When applying foundation, start at the darkest part of your face, which is most likely the bridge of your face, around your eyes, nose and chin. Then use your concealer brush to fan out the product throughout the rest of your face, smoothing the brush down past the jawline. During the summer brush on some translucent face powder to keep away shine. Follow with some blush, and a little lip gloss and you will certainly look better, and hopefully, you will feel better too. I know I  did.

Image Credit: Adam Diaz: 303 Magazine Photographer.