The wonderful country that gave us the most super of super models just wrapped up its 2010 autumn/winter Fashion Week. For those of you wondering what model and country I’m speaking of, it’s Gisele and it’s Brazil.

Yes, Rio de Janeiro just finished its biannual Rio Fashion exhibit. The land of bangin bodies, bold colors and brazen personalities is making a name for itself in the fashion world.

In the 16th installment of Fashion Rio, more than 40 designers showcased collections for the event, including Mara Mac, Coven and Auslander. Mara Mac integrated color in with neutrals on simple silhouettes with stylish draping. Coven worked with a moody pallet and showed more color in faux fros than in garments. Taking a somewhat abstract approach, Auslander juxtaposed white and black, specifically with white painted faces and black, gothic inspired garb.

With such a publicized and acclaimed showcasing of Rio Fashion, there is proof that Brazil produuces more than just beautiful people…it produces beautiful clothing. Tchau!