Food Lovers

From left to right: Alex Seidel of Fruition, Justin Cucci of Root Down, Scott Parker of Table 6, Matt Eaton & Heather Knapp (Donna Baldwin Talent)

Plan as we may, it’s impossible to to foresee everything that will go down on a photo shoot.

In this image from our Food Lovers feature, our set design team (Beryl Shereshewsky and Adam Brodner) went from ample meat to snaking everything they could from Brian Ford’s (not photographed here) Occasions by Sandy kitchen. We thought we had enough with just what you see on the prep table the models (Heather Knapp and Matt Eaton) are getting hot and heavy on.

It may look sexy, but in between shots, Julie Mustoffa (hair stylist from The Parlour) was holding Heather’s neck up so she didn’t pass out and Laura Standley (editor in chief of 303) was “spotting” the knife in the steak to make sure it didn’t go anywhere as the husband and wife duo got into position. That’s right. The models are married; chemistry was one of our stipulations when we sought our Food Lovers’ lovers, and we think we hit the mark.

Before these beauties laid down for an onion seduction, we had to plastic wrap the prep table so our stylist (Tina Henson) wouldn’t get her ass handed to her returning damaged clothing to Garbarini or Andrisen Morton.

Meanwhile, David Rossa (art director of 303) and Charlie Price (fashion editor at-large of 303) were trying to figure out how to get everyone in the shot without going into the gutter or becoming too small…And that’s just one shot.

Tell us what you think of the shoot (page 22 of the November Dining issue).