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Aural Pleasure: MC Flipside

MC Flipside has never been more "In the Zone". Still coming down off his winningest Winter Music Conference ever, Flipside headlines Beta this week for Triad Dragons' NRG Thursdays. Frequencies are sure to be freaked....
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Festival Window: Winter Music Conference

Winter Music Conference may seem like a misnomer to many, due to its Sunshine State stomping grounds, but Colorado Conference goers were nearly cock blocked by Old Man Winter for the second year in a row. Denver was blanketed in a solid foot of snow when I left; Miami's umpteenth annual mixologist mixer was on fire when I arrived. Beat dieters from around the world rendezvoused en masse for seven days in heaven. Superstar DJs were in abundant supply. Supermodels came out of the woodwork. And dancefloors were demolished left and right....