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We Tried It – Pilates on Steroids

This is a part of our ongoing 'We Tried it' series where we test out weird and wonderful things to do, eat or see in Colorado. Go here to see what else we've tried. Comment below and let us know what we should ...

The Wanderlusting Gym Rat: willPower Fit Studio

If you read my article last week on FIIT Werx, you are quite familiar with the concept of barefoot training.  The willPower Fit Studio owner Stacey Lei Krauss is a pioneer in this exercise ideology and founde...
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Miss BeFit: Joie de Vivre

Before this morning, Pilates was, to me, just a lot of crunches with little pulses, or leg lifts with little pulses or arm circles with little pulses. I had done a couple Pilates DVDs, and, sure, I could feel...
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Body Language: pH7 Pilates

Joseph Pilates never had a sex change. While it remains a popular misconception that Pilates is primarily for women, its inventor was, in fact, a man. Not any mere man either, Pilates was a boxer, a circus performer and a self-defense trainer. He could’ve probably kicked most of our @$$-es if he’d wanted to. Thankfully, his boxing opponents’ @$$-es were the only ones he wanted to kick in the literal sense. His Pilates students? Their @$$-es only got kicked in the anaerobic sense. And so can yours (in a good way). Not by its inventor, mind you (Pilates passed away in 1967), but by any number of his living disciples. Denver’s own Cher Aslor, of Capital Hill’s pH7 Pilates, is among them.