Ted Lasso’s Kola Bokinni Wears INHERENT During White House Visit To Discuss Mental Health

Known for some of the best custom suits in Colorado, INHERENT is certainly more than a clothing brand. In 2020, Foundation by INHERENT was launched to focus on men’s mental health — something super important to CEO and founder Taylor Draper. 

With a vision to see a world where men are not limited by the stigma of what it means to “be a man” in their fight for mental wellness, it’s no surprise that INHERENT was worn by “Ted Lasso” actor Kola Bokinni. He, along with the rest of the “Ted Lasso” cast, visited the White House to discuss mental health with President Joe Biden. 

Photo courtesy of Kola Bokinni

There, cast members like Jason Sudeikis attended a press conference with press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre during her daily White House briefing. “Ted Lasso’s” message often depicts hope and kindness — this was reflected in the press conference where Sudeikis discussed the negative stigma that often comes with mental health.

“While it’s easier said than done, we also have to know that we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help ourselves,” Sudeikis said. “That does take a lot, especially when it’s something that has such a negative stigma to it, such as mental health and it doesn’t need to be that way.”

Similarly, INHERENT focuses on removing the stigma that men feel when focusing on their own mental well-being. With the foundation, Draper hopes to equip men with the tools they need on their journey to mental wellness. He does this by hosting “Huddles” which is a monthly event that gives men a safe and organic place to be open and real with one another. 

With a poker table, coffee, refreshments and bring your own cigar policy, men are given an open environment, to be honest. Every huddle has practical resources available for men to take advantage of.

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Needless to say, mental health is a core value for INHERENT. 

Equivalently, The Emmy Award-winning show tackles mental health issues in its storyline. Sudeiki’s character, Ted seeks therapy after countless panic attacks.

“No matter who you are, no matter where you live, no matter who you voted for, I assume, we all know someone who has or had been that someone ourselves actually, that’s struggled, that’s felt isolated, that’s felt anxious, that has felt alone,” Sudeikis said from the press conference. “It’s actually one of the many things, that believe it or not, that we all have in common as human beings.”

It’s brands like INHERENT and shows like “Ted Lasso,” that spread awareness and put a stop to the negative connotation that often comes with mental health — especially men’s.  

“I know in this town, a lot of folks don’t always agree right? And don’t always feel heard seen listened to,” Sudeikis said. “But I truly believe that we should all do our best to help take care of each other.”

Learn more about Foundation by INHERENT here.

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