Cole Sprouse and Canada Goose Reunite to Capture the Spring’ 23 Collection — Spirit of Connection

Photo by Cole Sprouse

Luxury brand Canada Goose and photographer and actor Cole Sprouse brought the raw beauty of island landscapes to life in the latest Spring 2023 campaign. Though not their first partnership, Sprouse captures the spirit of community and the true moments of joy inspired by  natural elements as a part of Canada Goose’s “Live in the Open” campaign.

Canada Goose’s latest windwear styles for women and men not only offer style but protection. Made from AcclimaLuxe, a multifunctional water repellent and resistant material, any style makes for a perfect option when traveling and gives protection against harsh climate. In addition to the new windbreakers, the latest campaign features a wide selection of rain jackets, lightweight pieces, hats and footwear.

Penny Brook, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer at Canada Goose, said that ‘the ‘23 collection focuses on celebrating the community and inspiring those to thrive in the world outside.’

Photo by Cole Sprouse

“There is nothing more luxurious than nature in its raw state, this is why we produce sustainable storytelling that highlights both the environment and the people thriving in it,” Brook said. “We take our audience on a journey to discover the brand through the lens of Cole Sprouse and our first product designed to endure unpredictable weather.”

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Through Sprouse’s lens, he captures the sentiment of awe that comes from grounding oneself outside — drawing from Canada Goose’s Live in the Open ethos and Basecamp community that encourages deeper connections with the natural world and each other.

“For our third installment in our Live in the Open series, we traveled to the Portuguese islands of the Azores,” Sprouse said. “To capture the sense of connection and reverence experienced distinctively amongst nature, we ensured all five members of this voyage were given their own recording device to document their personal experience through Portugal, woven into the final campaign video.”

Combining the beauty of the outdoors with the luxurious feel of Canada Goose, Azores, Portugal provided the perfect backdrop. Surrounded by luscious greens, serene waterfalls and alluring flowers Sprouse encapsulates the versatility of the transitional collection.

This season’s collection takes color inspiration from Azores’ blooming Spring season and the ever changing skies of soft pinks and muted tones. With the breathtaking vegetation backdrop, Sprouse captures the honest reactions of the protagonists as they explore the sights of the island. There, they lose themselves in their surroundings and deepen their relationship and connection with the world around them and the people in it.

Recently, Canada Goose announced a new brick and mortar location in Denver’s Cherry Creek Shopping Center. With a similar backdrop to Azore, Denver is the perfect place to purchase the new collection and explore the Rocky Mountains.

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All photography by Cole Sprouse

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