Bull & Rose Is Bringing Artisan-Made Jewelry to Denver

What better way to express yourself than through unique jewelry that speaks directly to you? Bull & Rose, a small boutique in downtown Denver, features one-of-a-kind handcrafted artisan jewelry and accessories, with pieces curated using material designer Porter Lori picked up on his travels. “Bull & Rose has pieces that grow with you rather than define you at any given moment,” Lori said.

Lori grew up in Denver’s historic Five Points neighborhood before moving to Los Angeles where he began his career in television production as well as the occasional acting gig. In 2016, Lori moved back to Denver to start building Bull & Rose. By 2020, Bull & Rose was fully operational. The majority of his pieces are one-of-a-kind or part of a limited collection. Since the opening of the boutique in 2020, Lori’s collections have consistently sold out. 

“I officially started Bull & Rose in 2020 — prior to that I had made just a few little things for friends and a few customers. Almost immediately there was interest in what I was creating because there really isn’t a line for men that promotes an artistic vision of style rooted in the global community. I use beads because they’re the most ancient show of style in human history and are the connection between all cultures,” Lori explained. 

Porter Lori, Designer of Bull & Rose

While branding itself a genderless brand, Bull & Rose has helped men get in touch with their feminine side. With jewelry made out of beads and stones, both men and women can express themselves creatively and uniquely. Lori designs bracelets, necklaces, prayer ropes, original artwork, sweatshirts and cardigans as well as beanies and scarves. 

Men’s jewelry tends to be a symbol of their status rather than their story and I wanted to change that,” Lori said. “I’ve been fortunate to have almost a 20-year career in TV production behind and in front of the camera and have traveled all around the world picking up bits and pieces of style and culture along the way.”

Lori’s travels have allowed him to understand how to curate pieces that touch your soul, rather than your body. One of Denver’s best qualities lies in its ability to allow community and exploration of truer selves. Lori has taken knowledge of fashion and culture from around the world and carefully curated pieces that align with Denver’s values. Shopping at Bull & Rose not only supports a local artist but ensures a unique piece of jewelry that only you will own.

“Each piece is one of a kind or part of a small collection,” Lori said. “When someone purchases a B & R piece, they’re getting something that has never been made before, may never be made again and they’ll never see it on anyone else, so people who find value in having that kind of story are drawn to the line.” 

Bull & Rose pieces can be purchased on their website. More information can be found on their Instagram page. 

All photography courtesy of Bull & Rose.