Denver Fashion Week Hosts a Pop Up Shop and Fashion Show at Meow Wolf

On Oct. 22, Denver Fashion Week (DFW) hosted a mini pop-up shop and fashion show featuring designers Menez to Society and Idiot Cult. Held at Meow Wolf, the night included a photoshoot throughout the Meow Wolf venue, two looks provided by the designers and photo opportunities for the public to enjoy such as a step and repeat. 

Meow Wolf will be hosting their first-ever collection on Nov. 15 themed TRASH and in the spirit of celebrating the collaboration between DFW and Meow Wolf, the public was able to get a sneak peek of what to expect.

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The show began with four models walking through the entrance of Meow Wolf. They then stepped into the elevator where they immersed themselves on each floor of the Convergence Station and guests were able to watch.

On one of the floors, close to the entrance Menez to Society hosted their pop-up shop where a mannequin displayed their designs and the counter was decorated with their accessories.  

“It really was out of this world — our extraterrestrial CFO Doll ARIZ landed at Meow Wolf for an amazing shopping experience,” Designers Vinny and Saul Menez said. “We’re so grateful for this super fun collaboration.” 

Models wore some of their staple pieces that combine leather with a trench coat or jacket. Their second looks were still leather heavy but balanced with a feminine flowy look. The Menez brothers said that their DFW collection will be something that they’ve never created before.

They said to expect rock and roll with a little glam — something different from their past looks and a menacing approach for the “brave hearted.”

Idiot Cult’s Morgan Febrey said though he didn’t want to tease his DFW looks, the clothing featured on the models can be shopped on his website. This includes “Your Stupid” t-shirts and the matching bones sweatshirt and pants. 

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Known for snarky commentary on his trademark shirts, Febrey titled his brand Idiot Cult because of an idiot tattoo he has and the fact that, “we’re all idiots sometimes,” Febrey said. 

Febrey said that his DFW collection will feature “less attitude and more decay in the political sphere.” Febrey also described his DFW collection as celebrating the end of the world in a cheeky kind of way.

Between the grungy look from Menez to Society, the snarky slang from Idiot Cult and the quirky Meow Wolf atmosphere, it made for a one of a kind fashion show experience. 

See Menez to Society, Idiot Cult and Meow Wolf take the runway during DFW Nov. 12-20, get your tickets here.

Models: Mahlet Yfrashewa, Delayna Generi, Julian Navarro and Jovan Keo-Reed

Hair: Stephanie Fugazzi

Makeup: Nelly Hernandez

Photos from Roxanna Carrasco and David Ross