What to Expect at Thrive’s Second Location in Society Colorado

Thrive Superfoods already has a monumental reputation for its site in Boulder, but owner Corey Jacobs is ready to take his vision to a whole new level with its second location. By teaming up with an immensely driven and passionate group of individuals, the community that surrounds this eatery will soon have a new space in Denver — a large one at that. Society Colorado will be a hub for wellness, relaxation, and kinship all in one — fueled by the fresh creations that Thrive has to offer.

Thrive is centered around a plant-based diet and is eager to introduce the public to new foods that are not only nutritious but uphold the integrity of quality ingredients. The team sources organic and local food when possible and is purposeful in how they cook and what they cook with. “Our plant-based menu is not just your typical fan fair. What you are seeing right now is that a lot of people are using processed things to cook with, but we are fully gluten-free, all plant-based and then we make pretty much everything in our kitchen from scratch. That’s always been one of the biggest things in our kitchens,” Jacobs explained.

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Photo courtesy of Lauren Joy.

Not only will the space be turned into a fine-dining and experience-driven restaurant at night, but the team has also carved out space for a grab-and-go café for those in need of some quick, fresh bites. “We’ll have a coffee bar where we will make all our own milks. Then we will have ice cream, gluten-free waffle cones, shakes and smoothies. We will also have pre-made sandwiches and salads and things that are easy to grab and go,” Jacobs said. “The idea is that I’m going to stop by and grab a coffee before work. I can get a breakfast burrito out of the hot case and a salad for lunch. It’s my one-stop-shop and I’m good for my day.”

Photo courtesy of Lauren Joy. 

The in-house restaurant will offer light selections for lunch including sandwiches and bar eats that are easily accessible. At night, the site will be transformed into a fine-dining space that works hand-in-hand with the different performing arts and experiences produced at Society Colorado. “We’ll be hosting dinner theaters which will have a multi-course menu paired with different types of entertainment. So, one thing we’ll be doing are performance art showcases — we’ll have a theme and the food will follow along with the theme. We’ll have everything from arts to belly dance, contortion, to fire-eating,” said Iman Haidar, co-founder of Society Colorado.

This venue also is passionate about music, and how one should experience it. “I think we all know that there are a ton of music venues here in Colorado and Denver specifically. Our whole goal is to collaborate with everybody around us so we are inviting other promoters and venues to work with us so we can offer them a dinner theater experience as well. They can come in before any of their larger shows and we have a coursed meal and they play a special set — it’s a different twist on how you can experience the artist and their music in a more intimate setting,” explained co-founder Crystal Wiggins. Whether you are more into music or art, these novel dinner theaters are sure to be an experience unlike any other.

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The fun does not end there. Society Colorado also features an in-house jun brewery, headlined by lead alchemist Ish. “Jun is almost as if kombucha and mead were to have a baby. It’s made with raw honey, it’s probiotic and it likes to get a little alcoholic” Ish explained. “I do a variety of different formulas for different purposes. The vibe formulation will be kind of like the dance party brew that’s got a little more caffeine than the rest. The thrive will be more of an adrenal restorative that is caffeine free and alive is a more of overall wellness blend.” He also creates superfood sodas that mock the sugary and sweet liquids we are used to, but sneak antidotal herbs into our system. With these concoctions, grabbing a root beer float at Society Colorado will be even more rewarding.

Photo courtesy of Society Colorado.

The team behind this new build is excited to create a new community in Denver, one that is focused on being the best versions of themselves possible. “I think Thrive really becomes the fuel for the social hub that is Society as a whole — sustainable fuel and a well-rounded amount of options that support whatever else you’re participating in throughout the day. I think our hopes are basically within the name, we are helping people not just to eat food, but really eating to thrive,” stated Jacobs.

Whether you’re planning on visiting Society Colorado to check out the co-working space, participate in a yoga class or jam out with your favorite artist, Thrive will be there to gift fuel and nourishment for every activity. “The next piece to all of this is how can we help educate our community so that people can create a higher awareness around what they are consuming. We are not just serving food, but hopefully helping to serve knowledge and experience,” Jacobs said. To support the team’s effort, visit their Indiegogo campaign to donate or check out its website to apply for any open positions and follow Society Colorado’s progress to completion.

Society Colorado is located at 3090 N Downing St, Denver. Opening date has yet to be announced.