A 15,000-Square-Foot Wellness Collective Is Set To Open This Fall In Whittier Neighborhood

Get ready Denver. The Mile High’s newest hotspot is coming this fall, and its going to be huge…literally. Opening in the city’s Whittier neighborhood, Society Colorado will be a three-story collective space, cultivating Denver’s newest one-stop shop for all things food, entertainment and wellness.

Society Colorado, 303 Magazine

Photo courtesy of Society Colorado

“We are driven to offer more than just a physical space, but to fill it with purpose and inspiration for our community to flourish in,” said Society cofounder Iman Alia. “Keeping the synergy of the mind, body and soul as a guiding principle, we are committed to creating an inclusive space that fosters creativity, celebration and connection.”

Formerly The Wrangler Bar and Night Club, the 15,000 square-foot building has been vacant since 2018. But Society cofounders Iman Haidar and Crystal Wiggins are eager to bring new life to budding space, creating a “cultivated creative hub that nourishes celebration, inclusion, meaningful change and genuine connection.”

Three major concepts will be the mainstay of Society: Thrive, Alive and Vibe — each housing unique and innovative offerings in the food, wellness and entertainment spaces.

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Thrive Superfoods has been named one of Colorado’s Top 10 Restaurants by National Elite, serving an impressive selection of gluten free, soy free, organic and plant-based options. Corey Jacobs will be bringing the Boulder staple to Denver through Thrive at Society, complete with both a fine dining space and and grab-and-go cafe. Society will be debuting a new, upscale evolution of the health-centered restaurant, offering coursed meals and “eclectic” dishes, while the street-facing cafe will serve sandwiches, salads, coffee, smoothies, ice cream, pastries and more.

Dedicated to helping their patrons nourish both their bodies and minds, Alive will feature a serene wellness space, complete with an herbal apothecary, bodywork studio, workout classes and elixir lounge. In addition to a full schedule of workshops, yoga classes and meditations, the space will offer services from rotating local massage therapists, body workers and energy workers.

Society Colorado, 303 Magazine

Photo Courtesy of Society Colorado

Cultivating a true one-stop shop for every type of Denverite, Vibe will be a collaborative co-working space by day, and an energetic event space and music venue by night. The concept will host everything from art galleries to live music to burlesque shows, giving guests intimate and one of a kind experiences.

Society’s opening this fall will create a space unlike any other in the city, supporting both its patrons and its community. Dedicated to the involvement of the Denver Art Community, they launched the Society Mural Project to design the interior and exterior of the space, a mission that has brought together over 20 local artists. 

“Our goal with Society is to set a precedent of what is possible in a community space in Denver,” said Alia.

Society Colorado, 303 Magazine

Photo Courtesy of Society Colorado

Society Colorado is a three-story, multi-purpose collective set to open in Denver’s Whittier neighborhood this fall. The concept will create a community for wellness, exercise, co-working and socializing, as well as an upscale restaurant and grab-and-go cafe. Society is currently hiring for over 60+ positions, interested applicants can apply here