Our Favorite Drinks From Denver Seltzerland 2022

What’s better than golfing on the golf course? Drinking on the golf course! Ditch your clubs and grab a cup — at least that’s what we did this past weekend at Seltzerland, the super fun event for hard seltzer lovers and connoisseurs alike. With over 100 of the best boozy seltzers to choose from, there were drinks options for everyone, and plenty to go around. This year, we had the chance to talk with a few of our favorite hard seltzer brands.

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Photo courtesy of Cannonball Productions


VAQIT founders. Photo by Joy Weinberg.

VAQIT is brand-spankin’ new to the hard seltzer market — 30 days to be exact — and they are crushing it. Based in Denver’s neighboring town of Golden, VAQIT is a lower alcohol content drink that is brewed, canned and sold right here in Colorado.

VAQIT founders Tuffly Nguyen and Chris Wood became friends during their day job in oil and gas. Right around when COVID hit, they decided to become business partners and start their journey into the hard seltzer biz. Jumping into an established market like the hard seltzer market is not an easy task. However, Nguyen and Wood took their time perfecting VAQIT’S flavor profiles and it’s apparent with every sip you take.

“It took us about three years to get there. We had a lot of different concoctions that we just couldn’t stand by,” said Nguyen. “We really wanted to be very sensitive to the sodium and sugar which there is zero. Low calorie, 100 calories or less and 4% alcohol.”

VAQIT currently carries three flavors: Strawberry Guava, Clementine Pineapple and White Peach and Ginger. Giving each drink two flavor profiles really gives VAQIT’s drinks unique and dynamic flavor profiles like none other.

VAQIT also stands out because they have lower alcohol content (4%) than most hard seltzers on the market.   

“We wanted to keep it low alcohol because we call it a common day drinker. Something you can just consume casually, socially and you’re not getting super drunk,” Nguyen said. “There are alternatives if you want higher alcohol content but that’s not our space. Our space is consuming with your friends and family and enjoying it together, that’s what we’re about.”

Since VAQIT is brand new to the market, you can only find them at select bars and stores in the Denver area. However, keep an eye out for this hard seltzer sipper as they continue to grow and make their mark in the world of boozy seltzers.    

Quirk Hard Seltzer

Photo by Joy Weinberg

Quirk Hard Seltzer, based out of Kansas City, was another stand-out feature at this year’s Seltzerland event. Offering a plethora of unique flavor profiles, Quirk offers clean and refreshing drinks that will have you saying “yes, please” time and time again. Although Quirk has only been around since 2020, they are brewed under the umbrella of Boulevard Brewing Co., which has been around since 1989. And while Quirk is highly popular in their hometown of Kansas City they also continue to grow a fan base around the country, even winning the people’s choice award at the 2020 Seltzerland event in Denver.

Quirk’s dynamic flavor profiles, which are all made with real fruit juice, include favorites like Blueberry Lemon & Lavender, Cherry Blossom & Lime and Pear Yuzu. One of our personal favorites that we got to try at Seltzerland was the seasonal Cranberry Apple Cinnamon. The sweetness of the apple followed by the spice of the cinnamon was shocking. Imagine a hot apple cider but take out the heat, add some bubbles and a little boozy twist. Truly great! 

“We’re all about offering craft, really high quality, interesting flavor combinations. But they’re still 90 calories, less than 1 gram of sugar, gluten-free, made with really clean, quality ingredients and at 4% alcohol,” said Aly Bush, brand director for Boulevard Brewing Co.

If you’re looking for Quirk in the Denver area, you can find them on tap at Esters Pub located on 2201 Oneida St. You can also find them at most of your big liquor stores around Denver like Argonauts, Molly’s Spirits and other various bars and restaurants around town.  

Fruit Smash


Photo courtesy of Seltzerland on Facebook

Bringing the party in every can, this hard seltzer brand is fresh, fruity and fun. Better yet, Fruit Smash is brewed under the Fort Collins-based New Belgium Brewing, making it a true Colorado native brand. If the colorful and playful packaging doesn’t catch your eye, the tropical flavors surely will capture your taste buds.   

With flavors like Tropical Mango, Berry Blast and Citrus Punch, Fruit Smash brings the tropics to the mountains and beyond.

“Fruit Smash is 100 calories, 4.7% alcohol, everything is made with real fruit juice,” said Alisha aka Fruit Smeesh, ambassador for Fruit Smash whose personal favorite is the Tropical Mango.

While the seltzer is usually 4.7% alcohol, you can also find the Super Hard Fruit Smash variety pack offering hard seltzers at 8% alcohol content. Super Hard Fruit Smash flavors include Cherry Chill Lime, Wild Watermelon and Pineapple Punch.

You can find Fruit Smash at most liquor and grocery stores near you. Locations include Wine Seller & Spirits Too, The Vine at Via, and your local Safeway or King Soopers.

Flying Embers

Photo by Joy Weinberg.

Based out of Ventura, California, the origin of Flying Embers is one of heroism, triumph and community.

“There were a bunch of wildfires around our factory near the town of Ojai, and essentially if one more flying ember hit our factory we would have burnt down,” said Jolie, ambassador of Flying Embers. “First responders and firefighters were able to thankfully cut out the fires and our factory was saved among a number of other businesses. That is why our symbol is the phoenix, because we are born from the ashes.”

Today, Flying Embers donates 1% of sales to first responders and firefighters as a way to give back to those who put their lives on the line to save them.

Not only is the story of Flying Embers remarkable, but their product is worth talking about as well. Mostly known as a hard kombucha company, they also carry hard seltzers and canned cocktails which include canned margaritas and mojitos.

Started by Bill Moses, founder of KeVita Kombucha, a reputable kombucha company, Flying Embers has broken into the world of hard seltzer with gusto. Their botanical line offers flavors like Watermelon Chile and Blacklime Juniper which is like a gin and tonic. The sweet and hot flavor combos pack a pleasant bubbly punch that consistently excite your pallet.

If you’re interested in giving Flying Embers a try, you can find the brand in your local Trader Joe’s, Natural Grocers, Argonaut, Davisons Liquors or Molly’s Spirits.

Photo courtesy of Seltzerland

Seltzerland took place on Saturday, September 10 at Overland Golf Course, 1801 South Huron St, Denver.