10 Stretches To Do Before Your Next Epic Hike

Even though it may take an extra 10 minutes to properly warm up before your next fall hike, Denver trainer and coach Tess Yancey says it’s crucial to stretch to reduce the risk of injury.Not only does it help raise your internal body temperature, but it also preps your muscles to perform more efficiently during your workout,” she said.

Dynamic stretches that target the hip flexors, shoulders, quads and more will help aid one’s range of motion — the perfect prep for scaling a Colorado mountain this season. Check out these 10 exercises before your next Colorado adventure and let us know how you feel in the comments below.

Need a little extra help getting fit this fall or want more warm-up exercises? Visit Tess Yancey at crushwithtess.com or on IG @crushwithtess.

Video by Christian Huerta, @christian.unlimited on Instagram.