The 9 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers

Becoming a social media success takes a lot of time, patience, and of course, followers. Without a large following on social media platforms like Instagram, getting your quality content noticed and building a successful online presence through social proof can be challenging.

While there are many ways to organically grow your Instagram following (like using hashtags and hosting giveaways), sometimes you need a little help to jumpstart your social media success. That’s where buying followers comes in.

Our social media experts have done the research to bring you the best sites to buy Instagram followers from. Each was chosen for its reputation, customer reviews, affordability, and ability to deliver real, active followers quickly.

1. Twicsy

The top pick on our list is Twicsy. With thousands of positive reviews on TrustPilot and recommendations from leading media outlets such as Men’s Journal and US Weekly, Twicsy is a well-established and reputable site for buying Instagram followers of the best quality. When you buy followers from Twicsy, you have two options: high-quality and premium followers.

High-quality followers have a profile picture and are auto-refilled according to your purchased follower package. Premium Twicsy followers come from 100% real accounts active on Instagram and have posts, followers, a profile pic, and a bio. Regardless of which type of followers you choose, Twicsy provides 24/7 support and a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Packages for Instagram followers from Twicsy vary in size and pricing – a system specifically designed to meet the needs and budget of anyone looking to buy followers. You can purchase as few as 100 followers or as many as 5000 per purchase. At checkout, Twicsy offers special discounts if you want to add more followers to your chosen package.

Purchased Instagram followers from Twicsy come with fast delivery (usually within 10 minutes) once payment via a major debit card, credit card or Diners Club card has been accepted. The best part is that Twicsy requires no passwords or private info – just your Instagram username and an email address associated with the account.

2. Buzzoid

Buzzoid made our list of the best sites to buy IG followers due to its reputation for being one of the few 100% real follower providers and its quality services. They’ve already been talked about in the likes of Delco Times, New York Family, US Magazine, Men’s Journal and AMNY

In addition, Buzzoid offers some of the lowest prices on the market and, in many cases, offers instant delivery of followers. Buzzoid sells three different types of Instagram followers: high-quality, premium, and managed growth.

High-quality and premium followers are legitimate with profile pics and complete bios. The main difference between the two is that premium followers are from verified, private accounts with a high level of activity on Instagram.


Managed growth followers from Buzzoid are for brands, celebrities, and public figures looking for help building their online presence organically. This type of service is a bit more expensive but comes with the added benefit of personalized service from an account manager.

Buzzoid packages can be purchased for as little as a couple of dollars, and the site offers great discounts for packages up to 5000 followers. Payment and processing are simple – just provide your IG username, email, and approved payment method to start seeing results in as little as 20 minutes.

3. Rushmax

A social media growth service, Rushmax is an excellent option for businesses, celebrities, public figures, and anyone looking to increase their Instagram follower count.

Rushmax offers a monthly subscription and one-time purchase packages for active IG followers. Subscription purchases come with a substantial discount and deliver between 1000-25,000 followers each month for Instagram stories and Instagram posts, depending on the package you select. One-time purchase packages from Rushmax come in batches of 100-25,000 followers.

Customers have the choice between premium and high-quality followers, with the primary difference being the number of posts and followers the accounts have. Orders can be placed at any time, and followers are delivered within 72 hours of purchase. Instagram follower packages start at a few dollars and come with 24/7 customer support.

4. Thunderclap

Thunderclap claims to boost your social media presence by delivering followers interested in your content. Using Thunderclap is simple – just provide your IG handle, email address, and select the package you want. You can choose to receive between 1000-25,000 followers, and packages start at only a couple of dollars.

The benefit of using Thunderclap is their constant monitoring of drop-offs, the Instagram algorithm, and new viral Instagram marketing techniques to ensure your followers are active and engaged. 

You can also be sure that the new followers you’re getting from Thunderclap are 100% real. Purchased followers start appearing within a few hours of purchase, and Thunderclap’s customer service is available 24/7 should you have any questions or problems.

5. Media Mister

Committed to helping aspiring social media superstars, Media Mister is one of the best places to purchase Instagram followers. The site offers several different follower packages at various price points, all of which are 100% real and guarantee quick results.

With the ability to buy targeted Instagram followers, Media Mister is a great option for businesses and individuals looking to appeal to a specific niche or target demographics. From regular followers to crypto or ad-specific followers, you can find the perfect package for your needs.

You can buy as little as 50 followers and as many as 500,000 IG followers from Media Mister. However, be aware that the more followers you buy, the longer it will take to receive them all. Delivery times for follower packages start at 48 hours and go up to a week for the larger packages. Media Mister accepts all major forms of payment in addition to various cryptocurrencies.

6. Kicksta

Kicksta takes a different approach to help you get real IG followers, not fake, spam, or bot accounts. The company offers unique monthly subscription packages (which can be canceled anytime) that help you organically grow your Instagram following by targeting users that are likely to be interested in your content.

How does it work? You simply connect your IG account to Kicksta, and their team of social media experts will do the rest. They’ll engage with other users on your behalf, like photos, and follow accounts that match your target market. Over time, those users will become familiar with your brand and start following you back.

Packages start at $49/month, and there’s no commitment. And because all followers gained through Kicksta are real people interested in what you’re posting, you don’t have to worry about drop-offs or fake Instagram followers. Anyone can try Kicksta risk-free for 14 days.

7. Nitreo

Organic growth is often considered the best way to build a dedicated, engaged following on Instagram. That’s where Nitreo comes in. The site uses cutting-edge technology and social media experts to grow the number of followers on your Instagram profile organically. Nitreo offers two different monthly subscription IG follower packages – Essential and Speed.

The Essential package guarantees a boost to your profile within 14 days and fast organic growth. This is ideal for Instagram users just starting out or those with a small following that want to give their profile a boost.

The Speed package is for users looking for fast organic growth, targeted towards a specific niche. This package is perfect for businesses or influencers who want to appeal to a particular target market quickly. You’ll also get a concierge service from a real person dedicated to monitoring and growing your account.

Both packages come with a 14-day money-back guarantee and can be canceled anytime. You simply connect your IG account to Nitreo, select the package you want, and let their team of experts take it from there.

8. Seek Socially

Founded and managed by a team that boasts over fifty years of combined social media experience, Seek Socially is one of the best places to buy Instagram followers if you’re looking for genuine, targeted growth.

The company offers a variety of services, including, but not limited to, helping you increase your number of Instagram followers, hashtag targeting, and strategic post scheduling.

Seek Socially doesn’t offer individual package purchases but instead provides a comprehensive social media management solution in two different monthly subscription packages – starter and premium.

No matter which package you purchase, Seek Socially guarantees that your followers will be real, active IG users – not fake accounts, bots, or blacklisted users.

9. GetAFollower

GetAFollower is one of the most affordable places to buy Instagram followers. Aspiring social media superstars and well-established Instagram influencers can purchase as little as 50 followers for just a couple of bucks. Larger packages can also be purchased at prices that won’t break the bank.

Buying followers is easy. Simply enter the type you want, a target audience (specific country or worldwide, and select the number of followers you’d like to buy. Once your purchase is complete, the number of followers you’ve bought will be added to your account within 12-24 hours.

The best part about GetAFollower? The company guarantees that all its followers are real people, not fake accounts, so you’ll never have to worry about being flagged for using bots.

Yes, buying IG followers that aren’t malicious, such as bots, fake accounts, spam, or blacklisted users, is legal. The nine sites mentioned above are experts at navigating the Instagram algorithm to ensure that the followers you’re buying are real people that will actively engage with your content so that you don’t get banned for violating Instagram’s terms and conditions.

Purchasing followers can help give your account a boost and jumpstart your growth. Just remember, don’t buy more followers than you can organically gain on your own, and always focus on quality over quantity.

How to Know if You’re Buying Real, Genuine Followers?

When you’re looking to buy Instagram followers, there are a few things you should look for to ensure that the site or company you’re using is reputable and not a scam. Look for companies that:

  • Offer a money-back guarantee
  • Can target a specific niche or location
  • Provide a 24/7 customer support team
  • Gives you the option to buy a small number of followers
  • Offers package deals for buying more than one type of social media engagement

If the site or company you’re looking to use offers all of the above, then you can be confident that they’re selling real, active Instagram followers. On the other hand, if the site you are considering can’t do the above, it’s best to not purchase from them, or you’ll risk getting cheap Instagram followers who unfollow your account.

How Does Buying Followers Help Grow My Instagram Account?

Buying followers for social media is a great way to boost your account and jumpstart profile growth and brand awareness. By purchasing followers from a reputable source, you ensure that the people following your account are real users who will actively engage with your content.

Purchasing followers can help you:

  • Reach a larger audience
  • Increase brand awareness and exposure
  • Attract organic followers
  • Boost your social media presence
  • Ensure success for any viral marketing strategy

No matter your Instagram goals, buying followers can help give you the push you need to succeed.

What is the Best Amount of Followers to Buy?

When buying followers on social media, it’s important to focus on quality over quantity. A few hundred high-quality followers are worth more than tens of thousands of fake, inactive accounts.

When you’re looking to purchase followers, we recommend only buying enough to meet your needs. For example, if you’re just starting out on Instagram and only have a few hundred followers, you may want to consider purchasing a couple hundred more to reach your goal of one thousand followers.

On the other hand, if you’re an established Instagram influencer with a lot of followers (tens of thousands), then you might consider purchasing a package of a few thousand to help you reach your goal of one hundred thousand followers.

Ultimately, the best amount of followers to buy is the amount that will help you reach your Instagram goals.

Become a Social Media Success with Real Instagram Followers

Whether to support a small business, product, or personal brand, having a large social media following is essential for anyone looking to make it big online. By purchasing real Instagram followers from a reputable source, you’re helping to jumpstart your success and taking the first step towards becoming a social media superstar.

Consider using any of the nine sites mentioned above to buy Instagram followers and give your account the boost it needs to make you a social media superstar.

Be sure to also read external reviews on the best sites to buy IG followers:

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