We Tried It – Rumble Boxing Helps You Find Your Inner Fighter

Photo courtesy of Rumble Boxing

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Ready to take your HIIT workout to the next level? Throw some uppercuts into the mix.

Rumble Boxing is Denver’s first boxing-inspired fitness experience. Alana Dechtman first discovered Rumble in 2018 and recently opened its first Colorado franchise location in Cherry Creek. Rumble Cherry Creek offers five classes each day, seven days a week. Each 45-minute class has 10 rounds designed for strength and resistance training.

“We are striving to create a safe space for everyone to feel included and empowered, as well as have some fun. Boxing can be intimidating, but Rumble is a place where beginners and veterans alike can feel confident and excited coming in,” said Dechtman in a statement. Dechtman also teaches some of Rumble Cherry Creek’s classes.

Every class has the same level of intensity, encouraging beginners and experienced Rumble participants to hit the bag in the same environment. 

The Atmosphere

Erika Hammond, Founding Trainer. Photo courtesy of Rumble Boxing

I’ve never participated in group fitness studios like SoulCycle or Barry’s Bootcamp. A large part of the appeal is their brand, the promise of an energizing experience you can’t find anywhere else. Founded by former Barry’s Bootcamp Master Trainer Noah Neiman, Rumble has a similar philosophy rooted in turning a workout into a one-of-a-kind experience. You’re not just boxing; you’re stepping into a journey designed to help you find your inner fighter.

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While anyone can and should attend a class at Rumble, much of their class structure seems to be designed to uplift women and gender non-conforming people, who are usually socialized into less aggressive types of fitness such as yoga and cardio. And as amazing as it feels to break a personal record while spinning or running, breaking down barriers to experiencing different types of fitness matters. Boxing can help people build a new type of confidence.

Rumble shows you that aggression is great when you have something to channel it through — in this case, their signature teardrop-shaped punching bags.

With pricing similar to their community fitness counterparts, it’s less like a boxing gym and more of a Rumble lifestyle membership. If you’re looking to join a fun community and get up close and personal with a punching bag, this is a great place to check out.

The Experience

GIF courtesy of Rumble Boxing

I have one prior experience to boxing — a more traditional class that taught me the basics. I loved it, and was curious to see how Rumble would be different.

Due to a slip while hiking downhill, I was recovering from a minor wrist sprain and needed a few modifications. Otherwise, I was up for anything.

My friend and I arrived at Rumble Cherry Creek in time to strap on our gloves, locate bags B6 and B7, and join pre-class. The five-minute pre-class walks newcomers through the basics and gives regulars a refresh. Rumble classes have 10 rounds: five boxing and five strength training. Pre-class breaks down the six types of punches used in class combinations. Participants learn the basic forms for jabs, hooks and uppercuts.

After pre-class, the regular lights went down, replaced by red and white lighting to get us feeling energized. Our instructor, Tyrel Wolf, stood on a platform and modeled every combination for us, which was also displayed on a screen in front. 

I was in the mood to have some fun and practice my left hook, so the next 45 minutes were a blast. 

Don’t underestimate a boxing-inspired interval class. Rumble worked every part of my body hard. The punching forms are precise, combinations are fast, and the strength training was unrelenting. 

Since the standard mode of the class is high intensity, my modifications accommodated my healing injury but still pushed me to my HIIT limits. Rumble looks to build an inclusive class space, so instructors are happy to make lower-impact modifications to maximize the experience while meeting people where they are. 

The Verdict

Photo courtesy of Rumble Boxing

Did I find my inner fighter? Well, I think she found me. There’s something wildly fulfilling about hitting a punching bag, especially as your form gets better. 

Rumble’s brand promise holds up: you can’t find this experience anywhere else. If you’re looking for comprehensive strength training, a high-energy workout that builds a new skill set and a community of people who equally look forward to 45 minutes of pure fun, this is exactly what you need. 

Rumble Boxing’s first Colorado location can be found in Cherry Creek at 160 Steele St, Denver. Drop-in classes are $32, with membership and class packages available as well. Location and pricing information can be found here

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