The World’s Largest Banksy Exhibit Opens in Denver

Photo by Roxanna Carrasco

The Art of Banksy has officially opened. On April 14, the exhibit, featuring over 100 works from the ever-elusive street artist, has been gathered to be showcased at Denver Sports Castle.

Art of Banksy Exhibit. Photo by Roxanna Carrasco

The works, ranging from the artist’s Flower Thrower to variations of Girl with Balloon (that was most famously shredded mid-auction in 2018) have been sourced from private collectors as the exhibit is unauthorized and uncurated. These collectors give the public a rare chance to view pieces that would otherwise be hidden in private residences.

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Banksy’s works are commonly found on streets, building walls and bridges but The Art of Banksy allows viewers to experience the pieces all in one location – without having to travel all over the world. The multi-level experience also has monitors stationed throughout the gallery that features commentary about each piece and the process of Banksy’s creations for a deeper look into the works.

The exhibit runs through June 12. You can purchase tickets here starting at $39.99 for adults and $29.99 for kids 16 and younger.

The Denver Sports Castle is located at 1000 Broadway, Denver.

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco.

  1. Don’t support this. If you visit this exhibition you either don’t understand the art and the artist…or…you don’t care about the wishes of the artist.

  2. In general terms, graffiti art is a subversive, counterculture form of expression; an act of rebellion. Banksy has used graffiti, film, prints and pranks to make anti-capitalist, anti-war and anti-establishment statements. Banksy exists to ridicule the asserted values of Western institutions; that IS Banksy. An exhibition put together by private art collectors—who Banksy has openly mocked—is the pinnacle of irony. The exhibition directly opposes Banksy’s values, standing as an explicitly institutional, capitalist creation.

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