Ephemera Ignited Creativity and Innovation in a Unique Runway Setting

Presented by Fashion West Magazine and Beauty Underground, the Ephemera runway show on Sunday, March 27 at ReelWorks transformed runway fashion. The show was quite the production featuring elaborate video introductions, aerial dancing, musical performances and, most importantly, divine fashion. 303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Abby Schirmacher, Denver Fashion, Ephemera, Fashion West Magazine, Beauty Underground, Roxanna Carrasco, ReelWorksEphemera, listed in the dictionary as “things that exist or are used or enjoyed for only a short time,” was structured with several runway segments curated by Anderson J Gonzales, Randi Rheaa and Charlie Price. The event featured both runway segments and pop-up shops from a variety of local designers, including Matilda Marginal, Mona Lucero, Marie-Margot Bridal Couture by Maggie Burns, Brooks LTD by Brooks Luby, Steve Sells, Darkm0th Industry by Shayna Ariel, Andrea Li, Andreas Tsagas, Menez By Vincet and Saul Jimenez, Tyne Hall, Rachel Marie Hurst, Idiot Cult and Adobe Darko

The circular runway set-up created a space for audience members in any area of the venue to enjoy the show. Aerial dancers kicked off the event alongside dancers dressed in metallic silver one-pieces, making for an elaborate spectacle. 

Each runway segment was more creative than the last. The show began with a backdrop displaying snow-covered mountains and models wearing sheer white gowns and elaborate blue head and shoulder pieces. 

Introduced by a video compilation inspired by what seemed to be vintage and masquerade fashion, several designers took the runway including Tsagas and Marginal. Dark hues and elaborate accessories made both of these collections pop.A collaboration between Price and Andrea Li Jewlery led to an upbeat and fun runway segment where colorful, glowing jewelry pieces against simple dresses and jumpsuits popped. With dancers and Campbell’s Soup Can images by Andy Warhol on the screen in the background, the segment was filled with energy and flair. 

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Following a brief intermission, the essence of the show evolved to establish a futuristic theme. As a galactic ship was emblazoned on the screen in the background, several individuals working behind the scenes to make the show happen took the runway. From Price to Marginal to James Mucker, the creative minds of those that make shows like this happen were brought to the forefront. Wearing looks filled with intergalactic tones, this segment stunned the audience. 

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After a quick streetwear segment with a performance from Moon.Roof, to follow was a runway collection that stole the show. Rather than dedicating a segment to a single designer, models took the runway wearing looks from a variety of different designers. For those familiar with the Denver fashion scene, it was easy to decipher which designer created each look based on the clear style present. 

After models took the runway, during the final walk they were accompanied by the designers themselves wearing somewhat identical pieces to their models. In runway fashion, the creatives behind the designs are often overlooked. By including a walk with each designer accompanying their models, the entire design process was brought to fruition. Audience members could put a face to the designs. This unique segment was truly a celebration of Denver fashion and the incredibly creative designers that are the heart and soul of this niche fashion community. 

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The final segment was scandalous, sexy and stunning. Featuring looks from Femme Fatale Intimates, designer Angel Mac herself even took the runway in a jaw-dropping lingerie look paired with an elegant robe and stunning jewelry. After each model walked the runway to showcase the ravishing high-fashion lingerie looks, they all walked several times in a specific route creating an incredibly captivating runway show and effect. 

303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Abby Schirmacher, Denver Fashion, Ephemera, Fashion West Magazine, Beauty Underground, Roxanna Carrasco, ReelWorksThe event was followed by an after-party at Tracks Denver featuring Jessica L’Whor, Victoria Sexton, Alysia Staxxx, Gary Givant, DJ Markie, Hard Candy Dancers, Gael Sterling of Studio 3sixT, Victor Adeniran, Ashley Eaves, Lorenzo Martínez Gómez, Katie Kalamaras, Blink Dance Company and The Tracks Dancers. 

Ephemera provided a space to celebrate the best of Denver fashion, and showcase the creatives behind the fashion in the same vein. Innovation was at the forefront of the event through the video compilations, live entertainment and the fashion itself.303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Abby Schirmacher, Denver Fashion, Ephemera, Fashion West Magazine, Beauty Underground, Roxanna Carrasco, ReelWorks

All photography by Roxanna Carrasco