Andreas Tsagas Furs and Leather Designs Transformed Denver Into the Wild West With “Cowboys and Angels” Runway Show

It’s been a quiet few weeks for the Denver Fashion scene until this past weekend. Presented by Void Studios, Andreas Tsagas Fur and Leather Designs took the catwalk on Jan. 21 for one of the first runway shows of the year. This show-stopping event was certainly one for the books. 

The spacious studio space created an ambiance perfect for the “Cowboys and Angels” themed show. Andreas Tsagas is known for stunning fur pieces and intricate leatherwork, but the show itself was much more than one could have imagined. 

The first half was filled with striking, entirely black looks that brought high energy to the studio. With a wooden piano and western music, attendees were taken back to the days of the American West. 

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All photography by Emily Faith Studios.

The looks felt as if attendees were bombarded by a group of cowboys, pirates and bikers. From fringe to fur, to leather accents, to embellished jewelry, to sleek black top hats, this collection was bold and unique. Three models walked at a time featuring similar looks, putting audience members in a ghostly trance. From head to toe, models adorned dark makeup, long wigs and a variety of accessories – making these looks an entire production. 

This sexy take on cowboys was created with extreme attention to detail. Several looks featured a variety of layering pieces and textures including velvet, silk, leather and fur. Accessories like platform boots and chunky necklaces modernized these looks making for an almost futuristic cowboy theme with lots of dimensions in the process. 

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The first half of the show escalated to include pops of reds and browns in leather garments. It began to feel almost romantic to be surrounded by fierce models in what was meant to be a ghost town in the Wild West. As a result, each set of three looks told a different story. Therefore, this collection truly elevated runway shows with a unique take on storytelling. 

Following a brief intermission, the “angels” aspect of the show took shape. This collection was defined by color with bright hues and subtle neutral tones establishing recognition of the time period. With the words “prairie fire” emblazoned on the wall, attendees were taken to the simpler times when the land brought opportunity and meaning to people’s lives. While the first half of the show felt like trouble just walked into the saloon, this collection featured the everyday folk and the royalty of the American West.

Abby Schirmacher, 303 Magazine, 303 Fashion, Denver Fashion, Void Studios, Andreas Tsagas Fur and Leather Designs, Cowboys and Angels, Runway Fashion

Like the other segment, three models walked at a time and each set of three was different from the next. Following the initial runway walk, models lingered in the back of the space. This distinctive runway structure provided an opportunity for attendees to embrace each look and admire the detail. It also established a storyline where all of the looks were connected to create a comprehensive collection. 

From layered sequined dresses to intricate floral hoods and headpieces, these looks were light and airy but told a story nonetheless. Several models wore platform white boots and colorful skirts, making for a modern vintage and retro ambiance. While these looks embodied angels, they also established a hipster cowboy essence. 

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The hair and makeup elevated each look with long red wigs and blonde layered mullets. Colorful furs and southwestern patterns and fringe graced the runway alongside patchwork pants, depicting the expert craft and detail that went into making each of these looks. Overall, the collection established elegance to prairie life and stunned attendees with delectable high fashion all the while. 

Tsagas’ event was the ultimate success in bringing energy to Void Studios and creating a runway show unlike any other. This unique space can be easily transformed for runway productions and the venue shared on Instagram recently that Void Studios will continue to be a hub for Denver fashion to flourish this year. 

All photography by Emily Faith Studios