Halfdays Launches Limited New Pop-Up Location and Female Fashion Collection

Girls listen up. Winter outdoor gear just got a lot better for us. 

Halfdays is a brand created by the “female-founder trio,” including Olympic Skier Kiley McKinnon, Karelle Golda and Ariana Ferwerda. They have just opened a limited-time pop-up location in Denver’s RiNo district.303 fashion, 303 magazine, Ariana ferwerda, Denver, Denver fashion, halfdays, karelle gold, Kate Lieberman, Kiley McKinnon, skiing, Womens apparel

The brand started with an initial connection between all of the founders. Ferwerda and McKinnon met in Denver through mutual friends about 3 years ago. They both had the idea to start a brand, then later became connected to Golda through an angel investor in San Francisco. From there, they decided that three heads were better than two and quickly began to put their ideas together and launched Halfdays, a female fashion first brand.

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Halfdays is all about making sure that women have winter gear providing both technicality and style. The founders’ goal is to welcome their consumers with open arms and create a product that offers the perfect fit with the correct function.

Halfdays offers items from beanies and water bottles, to bib snow pants matched with the perfect winter jacket.

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The Halfdays collection features a color for everyone. Customers can go bold and purchase their top selling color, Spritz – a deep orange – or stay on the low and go with their Cloud color – a creamy white. 

303 fashion, 303 magazine, Ariana ferwerda, Denver, Denver fashion, halfdays, karelle gold, Kate Lieberman, Kiley McKinnon, skiing, Womens apparel

With the new winter season right under our nose, Halfdays releases their new collection. Consisting of eight colors all named after apres-ski cocktails, this collection makes a statement for skiers, snowboarders and fashionistas alike this season. As of now, Halfdays has a total of 2 collections, the first that was launched last November along with the one that was recently launched for this Winter season. 

The founders of Halfdays are passionate about providing comfort, technicality, and style for all of their customers. This is something that their customers cherish. Women fell in love with their products so much that one of their staple pieces, the Alessandra Pant, outsold the jacket, leaving thousands of consumers on a wait-list.

303 fashion, 303 magazine, Ariana ferwerda, Denver, Denver fashion, halfdays, karelle gold, Kate Lieberman, Kiley McKinnon, skiing, Womens apparel

Along with the goal of reaching a larger audience and creating a brand that is perfect for anyone, the founders strive to attain affordability with their products. Prices range depending on the purchase. Products start at $95 and outerwear can be anywhere from $225 to $495. 

The new pop-up location is extremely relaxing and welcoming. The three co-founders designed the store themselves based off of some of Denver’s vintage stores to find decorations for their own store. Their goal was to create a safe space, “something that didn’t feel like the traditional outerwear stores,” said Ferwerda. The three ladies didn’t want their store to feel overwhelming – they wanted to make it as approachable as possible – which is exactly what they did.

The store is connected by white concrete walls and filled with bright pops of color in every corner.

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The Halfdays Mission

These co-founders are very hands on with every little project they do. From packing boxes, to setting up their new location, to welcoming every customer at the front door of their store.

Currently, Halfdays’ primary channel is their online website. They also offer select wholesale partnerships with Bloomingdales New York, Bandier New York and Dallas Texas. 

Overall, Halfdays aims to “create something that women don’t have to sacrifice,” said Golda. Ultimately, they have the option to buy pieces with technicality but also an outfit that leaves the wearer looking and feeling good. 

In showing their dedication to making the perfect gear for women, before the company launched, McKinnon, Ferwerda and Golda interviewed over 250 women, asking them what was missing in their outerwear gear. The number one response was that women had nothing that fit them well or made them feel good on the slopes. After hearing these results, the Halfdays founders were determined to change that. 

They took these responses and made the perfect gear for any woman. This brand is created for anyone – Olympic skiers to, like one of the co-founders, someone who falls the moment they touch the mountain. This company is accessible for anyone and invites everyone. Along with Halfdays’ goal to be inclusive of all their customers, the brand offers sizes ranging from XS-3XL.

Diving Deeper – Store Information

The limited pop-up store opened on Dec. 4 and will be open daily until Jan. 31. 

Halfdays wants “to create a more welcoming outdoors from all women,” said Golda. So ladies, get up and go visit their pop-up location at 2645 Walnut Street while it’s there. Get the opportunity of trying on the pieces and connecting with the store on a more personal level, you won’t regret it. 

All photos courtesy of Roxanna Carrasco.