Get Your Thanksgiving Pies at These Bakeries Near Denver

Thanksgiving Day is approaching and with it the opportunity to eat heartwarming, staple dishes. Turkey, stuffing, but most importantly, pie. However, the stress of making a homemade feast can hinder the enjoyment of the day. Thankfully, Denver has a variety of bakeries who know a thing or two about pies. Whether you are craving pumpkin, pecan or grandma’s apple pie, here is a quick guide to local bakeries offering seasonal pies for the upcoming holiday.

Sugar Bakeshop

Sugar Bakeshop Denver

Photo by Sugar Bakeshop via Facebook

When:  November 23 – 24
Where: 277 Broadway, Denver or order online
Cost: $28 – 33 per pie

Sugar Bakeshop on South Broadway is famous for its vegan homemade popsters mimicking popular breakfast Poptarts. This season the bakery is offering full-size Dutch Caramel Apple Pie with homemade caramel and topped with an oat crumble. You can also get a gluten-free or traditional pumpkin pie, pecan pie and pear cranberry pie.

Granny Scott’s Pie Shop

Apple Pie Granny's Pie Shop

Photo by Granny’s Pie Shop via official website

When: Order 24 hours in advance, 48 hours for gluten-free
Where: 333 S. Wadsworth Blvd. #C-107​, Lakewood or order online
Cost: $25 per pie

The Lakewood staple has more than 30 types of pies on its menu. From cream pies to fruit pies, the selection will make your mouth water. But if you are looking for a more traditional pie for Thanksgiving, the shop still offers the classics – pumpkin, pecan and apple. If you want something more adventurous, try the New England Blueberry Cheese pie or the Michigan Cherry Almond.

Mermaid’s Bakery

mermaids bakery

Photo by Mermaid’s Bakery via Facebook

When: Order 24 hours in advance
Where: 1543 Champa St., Denver or order online
Cost: $25 per pie

Downtown residents can walk to Mermaid’s Bakery, nestled in Champa Street. The bakery, which is well known for its delicious cupcakes and cookies, offers a wide selection of 10-inch pies for the holiday season. Have your pick of pecan, apple, pumpkin, peach, lemon silk, banana, coconut cream and more. Or, try the Buckeye Pie, filled with chocolate custard and peanut butter cups. Delivery is also available but charges vary by location.

Maggie & Molly’s Sweet Life

Maggie Molly Bakery

Photo by Maggie & Molly’s Sweet Life via official website

When: Order by November 20
Where: 2908 E. 6th Ave., Denver or order online
Cost: $25 per pie

The cookie and cupcake shop is offering a full Thanksgiving menu including decadent desserts. Have your pick from apple, pumpkin, sweet potato or buttermilk pie. You can also order other autumn-inspired sweets like pumpkin cupcakes or a Thanksgiving-themed decorating cookie kit.

Trompeau Bakery

Trompeau Bakery pie

Photo by Trompeau Bakery via Facebook

When: Order by November 20
Where: 12950 S. Broadway, Englewood or order online
Cost: $16 – 18 per pie

This French bakery dominates on Saturdays with its wide variety of croissants and rustic bread. For Thanksgiving, Trompeau added to its menu French almond pies, pumpkin and pecan pie. All orders for the holiday must be made before this weekend. You can pick up your full-size pie on Wednesday, November 24.

Cake Crumbs Bakery & Café

cake crumbs pie

Photo by Cake Crumbs Bakery & Café via Facebook

When: Order 72 hours in advance
Where: 2216 Kearney St, Denver or order online
Cost: $26 – 32 per pie

A sweet treat for all visiting Park Hill neighborhood, Cake Crumbs specializes in cakes, cookies and, of course, pies. The bakery offers full-size pies all year round, including a sweet potato pie with a graham cracker crust. You can also order other pies with fall flavors, like pear cranberry with oat streusel topping, apple pie or bourbon pecan pie. If you are a chocolate lover, you can also purchase the chocolate silk pie with an oreo crust and whipped cream topping.

Hinman Pie

Hinman pie

Photo by Hinman Pie via official website

When: Pick up by November 24
Where: 5604 Kendall Court, Arvada or order online
Cost: $13 – 16 per pie

John Hinman knows and loves pies. That love transfers to every pie made, especially during the holiday season.  Have your pick of a 5-inch or 10-inch pie that you can bake at home on the day. The Thanksgiving menu includes classics like pecan, apple and pumpkin pie. Additionally, you can purchase a salted maple pie or a cherry pie.

From now through Thanksgiving, Hinman Pies will be donating a portion of the proceeds to CHOW. The non-profit supports mental wellness for members of the hospitality industry.

The Enchanted Oven

enchanted oven

Photo by The Enchanted Oven via Facebook

When: Order by November 18
Where: 520 Zang St., Broomfield or order online
Cost: $21 – 31 per pie

The Japanese-inspired bakery is offering a complete Thanksgiving menu, from appetizers to desserts. You can order a 9-inch pie, which has about 10 servings, or a smaller 6-inch pie, about 6 servings. Have your pick of a classic apple pie, pumpkin pie or an apple tart.

Katherine’s French Bakery & Café

katherines french bakery

Photo by Katherine’s French Bakery via Facebook

When: Order by November 21, 3 p.m.
Where: 728 S. University Blvd., Denver or order online
Cost: $22 – 37 per pie

Katherine’s French Bakery resides in the Bonnie Brae strip, a few blocks away from Washington Park. The patisserie offers a respite from the city bustle, with french pastries, quiches and coffee. For Thanksgiving, the bakery is offering multiple holiday treats, including croissants, savory quiches and Thanksgiving Sable Cookies. Additionally, its pie selection comes in three different sizes – six, eight and 10-inch pies. The menu includes a baked fruit tart, pecan pie, pumpkin pie with pecan-cinnamon streusel and key lime pie.

Denver Pizza Company

When: Order by November 25
Where: 309 W.11th Ave., Denver or order online
Cost: One for $3.49, two for $5.99 or a box of 12 for $35

While not technically a bakery, Denver Pizza Company is serving a unique spin on pumpkin pie this year. The Pumpkin Pie Cannoli Box features 12 delicious sweet treats that are the perfect option if you are looking for a dessert that is easy to share and a break from the traditional. While this seasonal flavor will be available through the end of the year, we recommend checking it out before this Thursday.

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