Balance Athletica Exudes Confidence Through Inclusive Athletic Wear

Balance Athletica is a family-owned athletic fashion brand founded by Chloe ChamberlainTaylor Chamberlain Dilk and Steve Dilk. Female empowerment is a strong quality this brand focuses on, and Chloe Chamberlain is here to tell us a little about the success of the brand and what they embody.

“Female empowerment is so important to all of us in our own way. My greatest achievement is the discovery and rebirth of my spirit after going through tremendous adversity and losing all sense of self. Not long ago, I was at my lowest low with no belief in myself or true sense of identity,” explained Chamberlain. “This is why I strive to live a life of passion and fulfillment and color and weird. Furthermore, it is why I will always fight for the empowerment of women. I found my fire and nothing fulfills me more than helping others find theirs.”

Recently, Balance Athletica released a new line called The Panorama Collection, bringing about influences from the ’60s and ’70s. According to Chamberlain, the collection seeks to celebrate everybody, every background and every story. Consumers can expect to see prints inspired by concepts such as tropical habitats, coastal shores and more. Nonetheless, a plentiful color palette complimented by trendy prints will be present as well.

Balance Athletica magenta
Photo by Balance Athletica

Balance Athletica showcased their new collection at New York Fashion Week back in September of this year. The experience for everyone included was a whirlwind of excitement and hard work all mixed into one.

“The Panorama Collection was actually a spark that ignited when we received the invitation to show at New York Fashion Week. This was a challenge ahead of me so large, it felt suffocating. Moreover, I went in search of that spark. That spark is what drove the ideation of the collection and the show to follow. I wanted to tell an immersive story, take a risk and elevate,” stated Chamberlain.

Chamberlain worked countless days and nights to keep that spark ignited. The big moment was set to come, and Chamberlain and her team worked hours on end to ensure that the vision came to life. According to Chamberlain, the big moment came to pass in the blink of an eye.

Balance Athletica red
Photo by Balance Athletica

Along with the release of The Panorama Collection, Balance Athletica has an exclusive swimwear label called Toluca Swim. This fall, Toluca celebrates its one-year anniversary. For Chamberlain, this line has a personal story.

“Toluca is so special to me. I can’t tell you how much time in the sun and how many summer memories have been cast under the shadow of comfortability in my own skin. The dread of trying on swimsuits that didn’t flatter my body and weren’t designed for my shape since I was 12 years old, leading me to feel I never had a ‘bikini body’ worthy of the sun,” explained Chamberlain.

For Chamberlain, having the opportunity to design for women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds means every consumer can feel confident and comfortable in their athleisure wear. Toluca Swim celebrates inclusivity for all through this vision.

Balance Athletica swimsuit
Photo by Toluca Swim

Balance Athletica is one of the fastest growing DTC athleisure brands on the market. According to Chamberlain, she can attribute multiple factors to the business’ success. One major factor stands that all three co-founders are under the age of 30. That being said, they share the same passions and visions as a collective. As mentioned by Chamberlain, everyone consumes the same media, cares about the same things and follows trend cycles together. Moreover, Chamberlain believes their next-generation business model and exceptional resilience all attribute to their success.

“Our main focus has always been community by telling stories and standing up for what is right. I think people resonate with our mission of inclusivity and feel that sense of community with the Balance family,” expressed Chamberlain.

There are many important attributes that go into the pieces created at Balance Athletica. As Chief of Design, Chamberlain strives to be aware of want people want and need in a design in order to offer them the best results. “Providing options for everyone to feel empowered in Balance is what drives me. All while maintaining exciting styles that allow for them to express themselves,” stated Chamberlain.

Balance Athletica orange
Photo by Toluca Swim

In the next five years or so, Balance Athletica plans to maintain their fast growth using probable tools for success. In order to do this, they will need to push for the correct flow of inventory, as well as guarantee everyone directly collaborates with one another. “We’re improving our interdepartmental communication to allow for growth through collaboration — bridging the gaps between each department to ensure everyone is on a unified front with scaling as a main objective,” explained Chamberlain.

“In doing this, we’re advocating for experimentation and empowering a share of ideas, encouraging each employee to contribute their thoughts and working together toward making a difference,” stated Chamberlain. “In addition, we’re focusing on expanding our employee base at the right rate that is conducive to growth.”

As a young business, it is hard at all times to have every component perfected. According to Chamberlain, however, they are learning as they go being that their business is self-taught. One thing is certain: Balance Athletica continues to strive forward regardless of obstacles along the way. With a strong team and reliable systems in place, Chamberlain is confident the next chapter of their business will move in only a positive direction.

Chloe Chamberlain. Photo by Balance Athletica

Updated Nov.8th, photos were replaced.

  1. Inclusive WHERE? All their plus sized athletes left them because they’re a terrible company!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Here at 303 Magazine, we cover topics related to local fashion which includes Balance Athletica.

  2. Balance Athletica is a terrible company. They’re not inclusive, they don’t respect the environment and land use, and their quality is abysmal. Might as well go to Marshalls for the quality. At least then you won’t spend too much money.

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