New Colorado Music You Should Know – January Edition

Schama Noel
Photo by Kori Hazel

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

In 2020, the world of music was thrown into chaos as bands around the globe canceled tours and shifted their focus to creating new music from the comfort of their homes. Throughout those long months, many artists took the opportunity to keep their heads down and focus on new music. Heading into 2021, the future of live music is still incredibly uncertain. However, now that the new year is here, local musicians are starting to release the music they’ve been working on so diligently.

Five New Up and Coming Local Acts


Listen if you like Nightmares on Wax

The musical equivalent of “blink and you’ll miss it,” nearly all of buddy.not.bud’s songs find themselves somewhere under the two-minute mark. Yet, somehow, the songs flow easily from one to the next, often regardless of what order they’re shuffled in. With a unique sound and point of view, you won’t want to miss out on everything that is still to come from this up and coming local hip-hop producer.

Nate Todd

Listen if you like Guy Clark

Establishing himself as a solo artist, Nate Todd’s debut album serves as an introduction to the Denver music scene. Inspired by his own life, Revolutionary Loser holds nothing back, giving listeners insight into Todd’s innermost thoughts and feelings through the stories each song tells of Todd’s life.

Troy Good

Listen if you like Swae Lee

Staying busy with six single releases throughout 2020, Troy Good appears to be finding his stride. Originally from Chicago, the hip-hop artist hasn’t been shy about introducing himself to the local scene, even calling out local artists in his account’s first Instagram post last year. Spending the last couple of years building a local fanbase and amassing an impressive online following, the future appears to be bright for Good.


Listen if you like Interpol

Viewfinders’ Alex Goetz shifted his focus to his solo project, Shoaler, when COVID-19 halted live music in Denver. Throughout 2020, Shoaler released an EP and two singles – including a playable guitar hero version of the latest single, “Pressure Plate.”


Listen if you like nothing,nowhere.

At times diving into hip-hop beats and other times floating along with pop melodies, solo artist 30 is a shapeshifter. Leveraging a unique talent to bend any and all genres, the local artist has the polish of a veteran artist and the spunk and creativity of a young artist. All in all, it’s a winning combination sure to delight music fans of any genre.

Five New Local Songs

Schama Noel – “The Last Dragons”

Listen if you like Unusual Demont

Working with hip-hop veteran Masta Ace, Schama Noel’s latest single, “The Last Dragons” is his most impressive release yet. While only a single, the track has roots in classic hip-hop without feeling stale – highlighting that when Schama Noel said he was the “best indie rapper in Denver,” he wasn’t kidding.

Sophie Gray – “Better with You”

Listen if you like Clairo

After a quiet year in which she released only one single, Sophie Gray is starting 2021 off fresh with an upbeat new single. The local pop artist shines on “Better with You” with a polished and refined sound that shows Gray coming into her own as a pop artist ready to spread her wings and make her name known outside of just the local community.

VYNYL – “heart//break”

Listen if you like Bad Suns

Ahead of the release of their upcoming EP, VYNYL’s latest single “heart//break” layers electronic beats under lyrics that explore core human emotions. A perfect single to start the new year, the lyrics tell a redemptive story of rebuilding confidence.

The Ghost of Joseph Buck – “Saguaro”

Listen if you like Billy Strings

While they’re no stranger to the local music scene, The Ghost of Joseph Buck jumped back to the top of our radar with the recent release of their debut album. Nestled in the middle of the album, “Saguaro” shines as a beautiful piece of instrumentation from the Americana quintet who has spent nearly a decade refining their sound.

Bud Bronson & the Good Timers – “Final Fantasy: Infinity”

Listen if you like The Frights

Grappling with fact, fiction and coming to terms with reality even when it’s easier not to, “Final Fantasy: Infinity” feels like a fitting track to start the new year with. The closing track on Bud Bronson & the Good Timers’ latest EP release, it finds the band embracing the chaos and marching forward fearlessly.

Five New Local Music Videos

Sarah Slaton – “Get Up”

Listen if you like Joni Mitchell

Throughout 2020, it seemed that the world was falling apart – local singer-songwriter Sarah Slaton is dealing with it by refusing to let anything get her down and getting out there anyway. A positive and uplifting song, Slaton’s lyrics serve as a gentle reminder to be kind to yourself and always get back up, even when it seems impossible.

Kid Astronaut – “The Alchemist”

Listen if you like Kevin Abstract

Inspired by the Paulo Coehlo book of the same name and written in less than 48 hours, “The Alchemist” and its accompanying video tell a story of hope. Kid Astronaut narrates the story as the Alchemist, while the video follows Santiago, played by Kevin Quinn Marchman, as he embarks on a quest for treasure.

Fox Lake – “IYKYK”

Listen if you like 156/Silence

The final track on Fox Lake’s debut album, “IYKYK” is an explosive closer to the album. A live performance of the single, the video showcases brutal breakdowns and unrelenting guitar riffs, ultimately catching the high-intensity energy of an in-person performance.

Retrofette – “Photogenic”

Listen if you like Molchat Doma

A dark synthpop dream, Retrofette’s latest music video is a haunting call to dance. It juxtaposes the highs and lows many of us face every day on Instagram — harrowing news about current events contrasted by Instagram influencers – ultimately beckoning listeners to take a break from it all, just for a bit, and simply dance.

A Meazy – “Uppin'”

Listen if you like

A Meazy gained a lot of attention this summer for his part on “I Can’t Breathe” – a single that combined the talents of local artists to make a statement in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, A Meazy is back with a new music video that highlights the finer things in the rapper’s life.

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