A Fort Collins Ceramic Company Re-Releases Limited Edition Line to Raise Money for Firefighters

On Wednesday, Callahan Ceramics is relaunching it’s limited edition collection of ceramics – HAZE. The collection of hand-made ceramics sold out within hours after the release in October – a huge success for the Fort Collins’ small business. Mostly known for their nature-inspired mugs – Callahan brings bright and colorful landscapes to functional ceramic.

The HAZE collection includes mugs ranging from eight ounces, 16 ounces, a tumbler, pour over, an everything bowl and more. The launch will also feature AFTERGLOW – a similar design with hues of pink and turquoise. According to an Instagram post, the sale begins Wednesday at 3 P.M. (MST).

Photo Courtesy of Callahan Ceramics

The HAZE collection symbolizes Colorado’s wildfire season.

In a recent Instagram post Callahan stated, “Haze was inspired by the devastating wildfires that have been so prevalent this year.” Designed to represent the recurring, hazy sunsets over the Rockies – there’s a strong sense of nostalgia in the landscape of dusky blue mountains and neon sun. Not only is the design a reminder of the impact wildfires in the Front Range – 10% of the proceeds go to the Colorado State Firefighters Association.

Inspired by the outdoors – Callahan states that climate change is at the top of the list when it comes to philanthropy. But this time – the impact of climate change hits closer to home. Although the ceramicist says their studio does not face a direct threat – many customers do live close to the fires. Making the HAZE collection a significant symbol of front range communities witnessing the smoke and flames with a naked eye.

“Being located in Northern Colorado our daily view from the Cameron Peak fire has been the exact hazy, orange sun that is represented within the design. Even though the view is caused by the fires, the colors and the smoke inspired us to create a line that captures the feeling of looking at the sky.”

Photo Courtesy of Callahan Ceramics

Colorado faced a devastating wildfire season.

In 2020 alone, more than 430,000 acres have burned in the state of Colorado – making it the most devastating wildfire season ever recorded. In mid-August, the largest wildfire in Colorado’s history began – spreading over 270 square miles. And to this day, the Cameron Peak fire is responsible for the loss of more than 300 homes and over 100 structures.

But as the drought continues to induce more wildfires – it’s crucial that we acknowledge climate change. As well as start making more conscious efforts on behalf of the Rocky Mountain region. Which is why it’s so important for local communities facing devastation to find ways to unify through art. Callahan Ceramics does just that.

“We mainly hope to spread the word about the impact climate change has had on our beautiful state parks and forests. Although we only have so many products available, we hope this gives people incentive to research/donate/help in any way they can,” said Callahan.

Support Colorado’s Small Businesses

Spreading awareness about wildfires and donating to protect firefighters are both essential to sustaining the economy. But it’s also important to be mindful of the contribution small businesses make. A survey conducted in May reports that 86% of small businesses statewide have been impacted negatively by COVID-19.

The same survey also states that 42% witnessed a 50% reduction in revenue. And at the time – 32% of the respondents reported that they had already shut down completely due to the pandemic. To help save Colorado’s small business industry – remember to shop locally when possible.

Photo Courtesy of Callahan Ceramics

Donate to charity.

For more information on how to donate directly to Colorado’s firefighters visit the Colorado Firefighter Association donation page here. And for more information on how to support wildfire relief read more here.