This Week In Concerts – Marvel Years, Andy Sydow Band and More

The days are growing shorter but this week’s concert roundup keeps the party going. The Acoma Street Project lights up once again in its Golden Triangle outpost, this time featuring the likes of the Marvel Years, in an outdoor socially-distanced atmosphere. Additionally, highlights include Andy Sydow Band and White Rose Motor Oil hit Moe’s BBQ and Viceroy Lounge, respectively. If there’s one thing to be said for this week,  there’s still time to go out and experience live music in some capacity because this lineup packs a punch.

Marvel Years, Denver Concerts

Larimer Lounge

10/1 – Goodbye Aurora

10/2 – Beer with the Deer (Live) feat. Dragondeer

10/3 – Flomoji — Early Show — “Feels & Vibes” Set

10/3 – Flomoji — Late Show — “Down & Dirty” Set

10/4 – 128 Presents: Family Dinner ft. NuKid, RC3 and Alana English

Black Box

10/1 – NotLö w/ Matheny, Litty Kitter, Mauka, & Spirit Galore

10/1 – Subciety Takeover 

Your Mom’s House

9/29 – Open Jam Mic Night

9/30 – Madhouse Wednesday (The Chango Don’t Show)

10/1 – Back to the BASSics

10/2 – Dusk/Dark Showcase (Early Show)

10/2 – Dusk/Dark Showcase (Late Show)

10/3 – In Tune (Yoga)

10/3 – Momma’s Electronic Matinee

10/3 – In Tune (Music)

10/4 – Bass Invaders (Early Show)

10/4 – Bass Invaders (Late Show)

Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom

10/3 – Patrick Harvey (Cycles), Parris Fleming (The Motet), Isaac Teel (TAUK), Eric Luba (Manycolors), Jae Gentile (EARLY SHOW*)

10/3 –Patrick Harvey (Cycles), Parris Fleming (Motet), Isaac Teel (TAUK), Eric Luba (Manycolors), Jae Gentile (LATE SHOW)

Moe’s Original

10/2 – Andy Sydow Band w/ Mike Ring

10/3 – Type II w/ Jam Jar

Acoma Street Project

9/30 – Marvel Years

10/1 – Marvel Years

Antero Hall

10/3 – The Zoo, Back Stabbath & CO2 Band

Viceroy Lounge

10/2 – White Rose Motor Oil 

The BigWonderful

10/3 – OktoberGrass Live Music Series: Pick & Howl

Virtual/Online Events

Levitt Pavillion

9/30 – Jenny and the Mexicats (Levitt Archives)

The Black Box

9/29 – Silkie – Live Stream (Electronic Tuesdays)

Swallow Hill

9/29 – Swallow Hill Live: Scott “Shack” Hackler

9/30 – Swallow Hill Live: Roma Ransom

10/1 – Swallow Hill Live: Roanoke

10/2 – Swallow Hill Live: Lilly Hiatt

10/3 – Swallow Hill Live: Diana Jones