Local Band Wildermiss Will Bring a Concert to Your Doorstep This Friday

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There has been a sense of gloom hanging over the local music scene as venues have shut down or struggled to reopen. There seem to be no answers to when live music will come to venues once again, but that hasn’t stopped Denver bands from getting creative. In the current ever-evolving entertainment industry, we’ve seen the emergence of tipped live-streams, impromptu concerts for fans on buses and now local favorite Wildermiss is for hire, playing a concert at your doorstep this Friday, May 15. 

Wildermiss will allow Denver residents to ‘book’ a private show on Friday, May 15 from 1 – 7 p.m. The band will travel to your home, towed on the back of a trailer, and play a set for you outside. You have a choice of up to three songs, with pricing at $50 per song.

The aptly titled concert series “Wildermiss Literally On Demand” was a creative solution bred out of their canceled show that was set to happen this Friday at the Gothic Theatre. They are also still planning on releasing their newest single, “Supermagical” on the same day, making this Friday a momentous occasion for the four-piece. This will be the first glimpse at Wildermiss’ new music since last year’s EP, In My Mind. 

This is the perfect opportunity to help a local band and also have the most intimate concert experience you possibly can.

Fill out a booking for Wildermiss’ “tour” here. Social Distancing and mask-wearing will watching the performance are required.

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