New Colorado Music You Should Know – May Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

With the world of live music on pause, concert-enthusiasts have had to settle for new music releases and live streams to satiate their appetites. Fortunately for fans of the local scene, there’s no shortage of new Colorado music to feed the hunger for the next big thing in music. A few of these bands have even been finding time do organize live streams, so be sure to check out your favorites’ social media to see what they have going on – and be sure to mark your calendars for their next live stream!

Five New Up and Coming Local Acts

Dream Feed

Listen if you like Talking Heads

 Formed by vocalist Miguel Dakota after becoming a finalist on America’s Got Talent, Dream Feed has spent its last six years as a band perfecting their live performances on the road as well as refining their sound. Drawing on classic rock and bluegrass influences, their upbeat music is perfect for dancing the night away.


Listen if you like Phoebe Bridgers

With lyrics that draw upon lessons from the past and an easy indie-folk sound, in many ways Cous’ music sounds like spring. The singer-songwriter’s light voice floats gently on top of her calming melodies, combining to create relaxing music that would fit perfectly in any scenario. Releasing her debut EP just last year, Cous is fresh on the scene with a sound that will keep her planted firmly in Colorado’s collective music memory.

Radiant Drive

Listen if you like Khruangbin

For nearly 15 years, Radiant Drive has been filling the streets and jazz clubs of Denver with their instrumental jazz fusion. The local quartet’s funk-driven brand of jazz feels right at home in the local scene, drawing on the musical components that the Mile High City loves best.

Billy the Poet

Listen if you like The Allman Brothers

Billy the Poet first started gaining attention at last year’s UMS, where their intimate set got everyone on their feet and cheering. The Americana trio draws on a variety of influences, all of which culminates in a sound that drips classic rock. They released their debut EP earlier this year, and if they stay true to their sound, then their EP is a sign of more good things to come.

Nasty Nachos

Listen if you like Amtrac

 A veteran of the local scene, Nasty Nachos is a local favorite at electronic shows – fans of the genre have no doubt heard of him already. However, earlier this month, the DJ released his debut EP so fans can enjoy his beats even while the world of live shows takes a set break.

Five New Local Songs

Goslings – “AL (Artificial Love)”

Listen if you like Of Montreal

No stranger to Denver’s music community, Patrick Shorten is the eccentric behind the weird music of Goslings. The latest single is an electro-funk and pop infusion that balances a tightrope that could dip Shorten into misunderstood madness or unusual genius.

The Lollygags – “Christian Laytner”

Listen if you like Superchunk

A reimagined version of a previous demo, “Christian Laytner” is named after a local homeless man who used to spend his time serenading Denver with his acoustic guitar. The first track on The Lollygags’ most recent EP, “Christian Laytner” is just a taste of what the EP has to offer.

Claire Heywood – “Python”

Listen if you like Billy Raffoul

The first single off of Claire Heywood’s upcoming EP, “Python” is all about questioning the narrative you’ve believed your entire life – perhaps a narrative you didn’t even consider questioning. Delving into a search of self, Heywood comes out the other end of her introspection with a new awareness of who she is.

Hunter James and the Titanic – “Where We Land”

Listen if you like David Ramirez

Reflecting on Hunter James’ own encounter with death, “Where We Land” is a tribute to all of the loved ones lost throughout the years. Balancing the juxtaposition of the loss and the inner desire to live life to fullest in the face of tragedy, Hunter James and the Titanic’s latest single is both soulful and poignant.

John Statz – “Table in Between”

Listen if you like Donovan Woods

Drawing on classic country influences and melding them into a fresh Americana sound, John Statz has spent the duration of his 14-year career honing his sound, and his latest single highlights that fact. “Table in Between” is a soft, heartwrenching song that feels like a classic country ballad, with a hint of something new.

Five New Local Music Videos

Talk is Cheap – “Warriors”

Listen if you like Rotting Out

Filmed with a high level of quality that is not often found in the videos of small hardcore bands, Talk is Cheap’s latest video is an explosive tour de force. Containing the power of their music within the confines of an unassuming suburban home, the video showcases the band with their families and their passions before ultimately watching them leave only to see them enter where the video began.

DeCollage – “Eyelash Sky”

Listen if you like Why?

Collaborating with Naytronix, DeCollage’s latest video is a funky trip to the beach. Dripping with the classic DeCollage sound their fans have come to love, the video is a collage of colors and images, making it the most psychedelic video anyone has ever filmed on a beach.

Liptruce — “You Think You’re Hollywood”

Listen if you like Yoste

A submission for NPR’s Tiny Desk Sessions, Liptruce’s latest video showcases vocalist Sarah Angela and guitarist Kim O’Hara comfortably at home in the middle of downtown Denver. Jamming away from the comfort of home, Liptruce clearly has the most fun when they’re performing.

Sam Jay – “Change”

Listen if you like Propaganda

An anthem for all of the dads, Sam Jay’s latest music video comes from the bonus track of his most recent album. Written just before the birth of his son, “Change” is a deeply personal reflection on the Denver rapper’s evolution in becoming a father.

Knuckle Pups – “Great Behavior”

Listen if you like Beach Bunny

With the deadline for NPR Tiny Desk submission approaching, there were quite a few bands feeling the pressure to submit something that showed off their talent – and Denver band Knuckle Pups was no exception. Compiling a video as quickly as they could before the deadline closed, their video submission may not demonstrate advanced video editing techniques, but it certainly showcases their unique sound.


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