6 DIY Fashion Projects to Spark Your Creativity During Quarantine

The busy streets of Denver have acclimated locals into a routine of hectic scheduling that matches the cities effervescence. If you’re anything like me, this often means pushing passion projects aside for a later date that never seems to come. But now more than ever, our frantic lives have come to a halt as we all practice self-isolation. With all this being said, just because you’re in the house doesn’t mean that it has to stifle your artistry. 303 Magazine has come up with six easy DIY fashion projects to help you get through quarantine while keeping your creative juices flowing. From embroidery to bedazzling, check out how you can freshen up your wardrobe with some simple arts and crafts. The shops and boutiques mentioned below are accepting online orders and/or pickup orders.

Embroidering Jeans

Photo courtesy of Treelotta.com.

The Lowdown: Jeans are great for DIY crafts because they’re durable and there are numerous ways to style them for any outfit. If you have a pair of jeans you don’t use anymore and just want to liven up, embroidery is an innovative way to do just that. Local craft studio Treelotta has several embroidery kits that you can stitch into your denim. The idea is pretty simple— you place the ring on the area you’d like to stitch and then follow the pattern. If you want a more polished look you can always try embroidering from scratch as well and make your own design. Either way you try this method will leave your jeans looking personalized and incredibly unique.

Painting Unadorned Shoes

Photo courtesy of Meininger.com.

The Lowdown: Painting can be a very therapeutic way to relieve stress and practice focus and patience. While this activity is positive for you mentally, it can also help you customize your wardrobe. Undecorated shoes can act as the perfect canvas for your artistic pursuits. Local art supplies store Meininger has a variety of fabric dye and several types of paint you can curbside pick-up from their store. Make sure to check out examples of painted shoes for inspiration (like this), or just use your imagination as well.

Tie-Dyeing a Sweatsuit Set

Photo courtesy of Adultsandcrafts.com.

The Lowdown: This is an age-old craft that lives on through the decades. From summer camps to relaxed days in, tie-dyeing is the easiest way to completely change an article of clothing. Luckily for you, local store Adults and Crafts is selling tie-dye kits in a myriad of colors. All it takes is a sweatsuit set, a couple of rubber bands, and the colors you prefer. Make sure your desired piece of clothing is dry before pinching the middle and creating a tight ball. Next, make sure to place the rubber bands around the cloth to keep it in place. After that, use as many tie-dye colors as you want and let it dry for an extended amount of time. When it’s all dry make sure to put it in your washer and voila, you have the perfect tie-dye set.

Ironing on Patches

Photo courtesy of Shopmerakimoon.com.

The Lowdown: Patches are by far the easiest and quickest way to amplify any article of clothing or accessory. From tote bags to jackets, iron-on patches are simple to put on almost any clothing canvas. Meraki Moon is selling the loveliest variety of iron-on patches that can cater to your individual vibe. Put your garment on a smooth flat surface, preferably an ironing board. after that just take out your iron and make sure to iron your patch over a sheet of paper for 45 seconds to a minute. Repeat for every patch and let it cool down once you’re done.

Bleaching and Distressing a Graphic Tee

Photo courtesy of Lalovelyvintage Facebook page.

The Lowdown: Distressed denim has been on trend for quite some time now, but distressed graphic tees have made a comeback in recent years. Local boutiques like Lalovelyvintage have a vintage section with graphic tees. Although these T-shirts are cool on their own, here’s a quick way to make it more eccentric. Lay your T-shirt on a surface that you’re not afraid of getting a little messy. Make sure you’re wearing gloves and open a window so the bleach doesn’t overwhelm your senses. Similar to tie-dyeing you can place the bleach anywhere and everywhere before letting it sit for a while and rinsing it out. After it’s dry just take a pair of scissors and distress the T-shirt as you like.

Bedazzling a Baseball Cap

Photo courtesy of Banethrift on Depop.com.

The Lowdown: Bedazzling anything brings back a nostalgia induced euphoria for the early 2000s. The early 2000s saw the likes of bedazzled jeans, tank tops, flip phones and more. Like many items from that time, bedazzling your clothing is coming back in a serious way. This trend might not be for everyone, but in case you’re interested, there are ways of doing this trend at home. One way of doing it is by purchasing gem stickers and craft glue from any local dollar store. Place the gems wherever along the brim and press down to ensure the glue sticks. If you need a unique baseball cap Banethrift is taking online orders from Depop, Etsy, and Poshmark.