10 Locally Based Etsy Shops to Help Brighten Up Your Day

Are you looking for a perfect gift to give, but you’re trying to keep your distance from others? Maybe you’re under a stay-at-home order, but you want to add some new decor to your home. Fear not, as there are a number of locally based, small Etsy shops that offer unique goods. Scratch that shopping itch and support these small businesses, all from the comfort of your own home.

1. Weird Birds

Photo courtesy of Weird Birds Shop

The Lowdown: Weird Birds is a small shop created by Elizabeth Endicott of Denver. Her goal is to create whimsical, fun treasures the whole family can enjoy. One of Weird Birds’ bestsellers is its dolls. Weird Birds strives to create original, unique dolls that celebrate diversity and equality. From gender-neutral options to various skin tones — inclusiveness is important for Weird Birds. To make this shop even better, all materials used are reclaimed and are even shipped in eco-friendly packaging. Visit Weird Birds’ Etsy shop here to find dolls, prints, stickers and so much more.

2. Before Noon Paperie

Photo courtesy of Before Noon Paperie


The Lowdown: Before Noon Paperie offers custom calligraphy and hand-lettered art. Owner Kelly Lembke named the shop “Before Noon” as a reference to her love for the outdoors. When climbing Colorado’s mountains — it is important to be off of the peak by noon. According to Lembke, all of her favorite adventures happen before noon. If you’re looking for unique calligraphy for an upcoming wedding — Before Noon Paperie is perfect for you. From envelopes and invitations to place cards, Lembke’s work is sure to offer a unique spin to any wedding. Not wedding planning? Before Noon Paperie also offers prints, mugs and any other custom print to brighten your day. Visit Before Noon Paperie on Etsy here to start your search for a hand-lettered item of your own.

3. Humble Suds

Photo courtesy of Humble Suds

The Lowdown: If you’re struggling to find cleaning products in stores — Humble Suds has got you covered. This Colorado-based business is focused on selling plant-based cleaning products — and each product contains six or less recognizable ingredients. Even better, Humble Suds recently introduced its new hand sanitizer — which is handmade in Colorado and made to order — so you can ensure you’re getting a fresh and natural product. Ditch the harsh chemicals and head over to Humble Suds’ Etsy shop where you can find eco-friendly cleaning supplies that are people and pet-safe.

4. Mudpuppy

Photo courtesy of Mudpuppy

The Lowdown: Michael McDowell is the owner and creator of Mudpuppy Ceramic Studio. His goal is to create one of a kind ceramic creations that anyone can enjoy. All of the ceramic pieces are handcrafted in Denver, and McDowell is committed to creating quality creations. From chimes to vases to air plants — Mudpuppy has it all. Mudpuppy’s popular air vases bring a modern, refined look to any room. Visit the Mudpuppy Etsy shop to find an air planter of your own.

5. Paper Sprouts

Photo courtesy of Paper Sprouts

The Lowdown: If you’ve never heard of seeded paper before, Paper Sprouts is a shop to check out. Paper Sprouts offers unique creations made from seeded paper — an eco-friendly, handmade paper embedded with seeds. The seeded paper comes shaped as flowers, butterflies or even doughnuts. Plant one and you’ll soon have a number of flowers or herbs to enjoy. Paper Sprouts also takes custom order requests — perfect for a future wedding or party. Visit Paper Sprouts’ Etsy shop to find a creation that will make a perfect gift for your loved ones or yourself.

6. Alchemy Ritual Goods

Photo courtesy of Alchemy Ritual Goods

The Lowdown: For those who are fans of the metaphysical — Alchemy Ritual Goods offers books, crystals, herbs and much more. While Alchemy Ritual Goods is temporarily closed, it also boasts a charming storefront at 2536 Champa Street in Denver. Their brick-and-mortar storefront is home to astrology sessions and ancestral medicine clinics. In the meantime, however, you can support Alchemy Ritual Goods by stopping by their Etsy shop. Whether you are looking for a smudging kit or anointing oil, this local shop is perfect for all things sacred.

7. Small Town NC

Photo courtesy of Small Town NC

The Lowdown: Anina van der Vorst is a Colorado-based designer and illustrator. She runs Small Town NC on Etsy, where she sells stickers and greeting cards featuring her own designs. If you’re looking for some fun, unique stickers to spice up your laptop or water bottle — you’re sure to find them at Small Town NC. Whether you’re looking for girl power stickers, stickers featuring the great outdoors or just a party llama, support this Colorado-based designer and find your next sticker at Small Town NC.

8. Yarn Society

Photo courtesy of Yarn Society

The Lowdown: If you’ve been finding yourself bored while at home, perhaps crocheting is the right hobby for you. Yarn Society offers a number of crochet patterns for you to create at home. Spend your time indoors creating a tiny ninja or an adorable spider. This Denver-based small business offers a number of adorable patterns for sale on its Etsy shop. If you have a crochet pattern you would like to share, you can even do that right on Yarn Society’s website. Look into Yarn Society if you need a fun, calming hobby while indoors and join in with others in creating adorable crochet creations.

9. The Cactus Coven

Art by Morgan Alynn, photo courtesy of The Cactus Coven

The Lowdown: The Cactus Coven is a woman-owned and operated small business selling art prints, handmade candles, tote bags, shirts and more. If the item was not made in house at The Cactus Coven, it was made by a local artist. The Cactus Coven supports local artists by not taking any commission from the works they have sold. While The Cactus Coven usually has an operating brick-and-mortar storefront in Longmont, you can now find much of their merchandise on their Etsy shop. Make sure to also follow The Cactus Coven on Instagram, where you will find more merchandise and learn of any upcoming events that may be held in the future.

10. Centennial Candle Co.

Photo courtesy of Centennial Candle Co.

The Lowdown: Candles are the perfect addition to any home. Centennial Candle Co. is here to provide some warmth and coziness to your days indoors. Owner Nicki Krob began making candles as wedding favors. She fell in love with candle making and strives to create candles that are chemical-free. Try picking a candle from the TV Favorites line, or keep your washed hands nice and soft using some of the handmade shea butter lotion. Browse the full collection of candles, lotions and wax on Centennial Candle Co.’s Etsy shop.