Sushi Den to Open a Handroll Concept Inside The Source

The minds behind the ever-popular Sushi Den have unveiled their newest venture. Dubbed Temaki Den, the new concept centered around fresh and captivating handrolls is set to open in the Source Hotel + Market in the summer of 2020. Temaki Den will offer diners an alternative to the high-end experience of the traditional experience, like that of Sushi Den, without sacrificing the quality and prestige the Sushi Den brand is known for. The limited menu will offer three to six rolls from $12 to $24 with a la carte rolls beginning at around $5 a handroll.

Sushi master, Toshihiro “Toshi” Kizaki, the chef and owner of Sushi Den will helm Temaki Den alongside chef Kenta Kamo, executive chef of OTOTO. Temaki Den will be an intimate 22-seats affair and have more affordable options than the typical restaurant of similar experience.

“In a way, with Temaki Den, we’re going back to the basics of traditional sushi. Sushi should be simple but every step of the preparation needs to be executed with perfection using the best rice, best nori, and quality ingredients, ” said chef Kenta. “Using quality ingredients is a given, but the standards will be the same as Sushi Den, if not higher, for our chefs preparing the ingredients.” He continued, “We are designing Temaki Den to be an incubator for sushi chefs and a place where people cherish coming to work, learning and continuing to perfect their skills.”

Sushi Den

Toshihiro “Toshi” Kizaki (left) and Kenta Kamo (right). Photo by Stephan Werk.

Not shying away from quality, Temaki Den will have fish flown in from the Nagahama fish market in Fukuoka where it is handpicked daily by chef Toshi’s younger brother. In addition, Temaki Den will boast a full-service drink menu featuring Japanese beers, Japanese whiskeys, batch cocktails, and an extensive sake menu

“Denver has been craving fresh, light, delicious food that makes a perfect 30-minute lunch while also encouraging a deeper dive into the menu for dinner,” said Justin Croft, Vice President of Development at Zeppelin Development. “Temaki Den offers an alternative to the standard fast-casual assembly line. Each bite is served quickly and directly by the chef making it in front of you, typical of smaller restaurants in Japan.”

Temaki Den will take hold inside the original Source Marketplace in the former Mondo Market spot, according to 5280. No word yet as to what will replace Crooked Stave, which recently announced its departure. Stay tuned for more details about the opening planned for this summer.

The Source Market + Hotel is located at 3330 Brighton Blvd, Denver. All photos by Stephan Werk.

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