Frozen Matter Acquires Sweet Action Ice Cream

Frozen Matter has officially acquired Broadway’s Sweet Action Ice Cream. The beloved ice cream parlor went under negotiations for acquisition in the late summer of 2019, with then-owners Sam Kopicko and Chia Basinger citing the need to focus on family and pursue other opportunities. For Frozen Matter’s part, the company is currently based in Uptown and in Wash Park and owned by Gerry Kim and Josh Gertzen. They sought to expand in 2020, seeking another location to add on to their existing two. Fatefully finding that the Sweet Action owners were looking to move on, both shops and set of owners found a commonality in their approach to craft ice cream and that the impending acquisition made sense on both ends.

“We both focus on quality local ingredients and unique flavors, elevating ice cream for a healthier and happier Denver, and dare I say, more colorful Colorado,” said Kim part-owner of Frozen Matter.

As of January 1, Kim and Gertzen have taken the reins of Sweet Action’s retail and wholesale businesses. The owners plan to keep it business as usual through peak ice cream season of 2020, including keeping the name for now, with the minor exception of extending operating hours from noon to midnight every day.

“We want to have uniformity in the three ice cream parlors we operate at some point, but we recognize that Sweet Action has built a devoted following in its 10 years of operations and we want to make sure that any changes that are made are done right,” says Gertzen.

The team is committed to growing Sweet Action’s grocery store presence and brand as “the original craft ice cream in Colorado” and will keep the Sweet Action name for the wholesale brand. And for Sweet Action fans, good news Frozen Matter also acquired the recipes so you can get your Colorado Honey and other flavor fixes when the time comes. 

Sweet Action is located at 52 Broadway, Denver.