Aurora’s Home Based Baker Made A Name For Herself In The Cookie Decorating World

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Whipping up edible art for a living is a dream turned into reality for Aurora’s own home baker Sara Bogart. Originally from Texas, this cookie connoisseur moved to Colorado in 2017. Bogart’s passion for decorating delicious cookies wasn’t always in her repertoire, with a strong background in corporate training, accounting and administrative functions — she stumbled across baking as a way to escape her stressful work life.

But this simple hobby quickly blossomed into a creative outlet for Bogart. The cathartic motions of combining cups of flour with granules of sugar to make thick and fluffy dough were all she needed to really invest her whole life into it. But mastering the craft definitely took practice and patience. She spent hundreds of hours perfecting her own recipes, studying online recipes and adding to her cookie cutter collection. With a very supporting husband, Bogart’s aspiration to start a home baking business grew to be the successful Sugar and Spoon Baking Company it is today.

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Bogart’s specialty are custom cookies. Using organic butter and eggs, fresh vanilla beans and premium ingredients as a base, she welcomes all kinds of wild designs. But she really thrives on party-themed cookies and uses pretty pastel frosting and 3-D techniques to bring each cookie to life. Although she can pretty much create anything, character themed designs tend to be the most difficult. With such a small margin for creating original cookie art, she doesn’t want to miss out on any essential details that can really make or break a cookie. As for flavors, her more traditional options include signature vanilla bean, cookies and cream and vanilla bean lemon.

Aside from having a successful home baking career in Aurora, Bogart was able to represent Sugar and Spoon Baking Co. on a national platform this past year. After gaining attention through her candy-colored Instagram, Bogart was contacted by the Food Network to be featured on Christmas Cookie Challenge where five poised bakers compete to prove their holiday cookie-making talents. At the end of the judging and elimination process, the winner goes home with a $10,000 prize.

Photo Courtesy Of Food Network

Although Bogart didn’t end up winning the cash prize, she did win a great deal of spotlight for her home baking business and got a well-deserved confidence boost.

“Competing on Food Network is a dream come true — I’m still on cloud nine! To be considered, selected and given the opportunity to compete is an honor,” Bogart said. But even with all the excitement, she said the challenges were no joke. 

“Baking in front of camera crews and in an unfamiliar kitchen is sweat-inducing, especially with the added time crunch! The time limits are real and the judging is real,” Bogart said.

Although this experience can feel like a giant pressure cooker— forcing competitors to think on the fly and decorate a mile a minute, Bogart had to keep reminding herself to be present and soak up each moment.

“Being featured on Food Network is a once in a lifetime opportunity and any baker who is approached should say yes! Gliding past the fear and jumping will lead to unforgettable experiences,” Bogart said.

Beyond TV competitions, Bogart dreams of opening her own shop outside of her home. In particular, she one day she hopes to open a charming counter-serve cookie shop in one of the many food halls that seem to be taking over Denver.

With a very busy holiday season upon us, all ordering dates for Sugar and Spoon Baking Co. have been reserved. So if you’re looking to grab some custom-made cookies be sure to check back for updated availability dates.

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