4 Fashion Rules To Break In 2020

As the clock strikes midnight and leads us into the New Year, it’s time we leave any remnants of fashion dos and don’ts in the last decade. Entering a new period compels any fashion connoisseur to reinvent their current arrangements. Next year is a time for flawless vision that suspends the previous rules. We got a sneak peek of this at Denver Fashion Week (DFW) Fall ’19, which ended only weeks ago. Here at 303 Magazine, we couldn’t get enough of the unconventional and inspiring looks these designers delivered down the runway, so we’ve decided to round up four fashion rules you need to ditch in the thick of the New Year.

Sequins For All Occasions

Photo by Annelise Blackwood.

The Lowdown: Sequins have had a long-standing reputation of being the glitz uniform for a night out. This standout textile is one to truly get creative with and showcase for all occasions. Local Denver boutique, Garbarini made a point to reinvent how sequins can be a staple and an understated garment during its DFW return. Looks like the ones above prove that this night-out garment rule can be broken. Throwing on a sequined bomber jacket paired with a cheeky t-shirt pays homage to the effortless look with a shimmery spin. The look above serves as an office-ready ensemble with its neutral colors and clean fit.

Socks with Open-Toed Shoes

Photo by Giacomo Di Franco.

Photo by Giacomo Di Franco.

The Lowdown: Rachel Marie Hurst launched her new line on the DFW runway showcasing her whimsical and feminine designs. Hurst accompanied her delicate silhouettes with standout accessories like decorative hairpins and the most memorable of them all, sheer star-studded socks – see the socks and shoes on the images above. Socks with open-toed shoes have gathered much debacle. This quirky combination can be seen on numerous street-style mavens during multiple fashion week outings like in New York and in Paris. If you’re not ready to pack away your stilettos during the cold seasons, fine-tuning where these traditionally cozy accessories land adds an extra layer of warmth. Embracing socks with open-toed shoes breaks the habit of shoes being the leading accessory. To try at home, invest in printed tulle socks to pair with your favorite heels the next time you have a night out.

Mixing Animal Prints

Photo by Caroline Miller.

The Lowdown: Animal print alone is already such a paramount piece in any outfit, to which some believe mixing prints would be too overbearing. However, with the help of earth-toned colors, these natural patterns can become the new neutral in your look and mingle together easier than you think. Snakeskin print has become a popular trend and has prowled its way onto every garment and accessory. This being the most subtle of animal prints can stand in as buffer while experimenting with opposing prints. Much like the look above, a gray-hued snakeskin printed dress makes a memorable addition to a loud staple piece like the cheetah print faux fur coat.

Wearing Multiple Bold Colors At Once

Photo by Danielle Webster.

The Lowdown: Choosing an array of bold colors to mix things up will stretch any creative’s eye and add an inviting touch to your ensemble. Pair hues together that are prone to be more opposite of each other in a lively way to break out of the “one bold color only” rule. Entering this next year should reinforce that putting together an outfit with the fear of being too loud should no longer be an obstacle. These Zeppelin Station “Made in Mexico City” pieces by PAY’S display the perfect combination about how to successfully marry these bold hues and patterns together. To try at home, start with pulling pieces that are contrasting with each other and let your creativity take over. The best way to start could be through a simple accessory, like a bright red sneaker paired with a contrasting colored sweater – it’s all about having fun.