9 Essential Denver Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

What are you listening to on your morning commute? It’s no secret that the rise of podcasts in the last year has been unprecedented. From the Denver Podcast Network to private podcasters, Denver is teeming with content suitable for everyone’s needs. Local podcasters cover everything from local news and football roundups to food and artists.

We rounded up seven of the most prominent Denver-based podcasts you should add to your commute routine.

The Denver Post Podcast

Photo courtesy of the Denver Post

The Lowdown: Even if you woke up crazy late and have got just a few minutes in the morning, this podcast is the perfect one for you, with episodes averaging between three and four minutes. The Denver Post’s podcast recaps the most relevant daily headlines and even gives you a brief weather report of the day. Hosted by Kyle Sauerhoefer, this podcast is an easy and bite-sized way to get your dose of local news first thing in the morning. 

Left Hand Right Brain

Photo Courtesy of Left Hand Right Brain Facebook Page

The Lowdown: Hosted by comedian JD Lopez, Left Hand Right Brain is a podcast in conversation with the artists and creatives of Denver. Supported and brought to listeners every week by the Mutiny Information Café, this podcast follows Lopez and his guests as they dive into their creative processes together. This podcast is all about locals supporting locals in their creative pursuits. They even host live shows from time to time, so be sure to keep an eye out for more information on the next one.

Changing Denver

Photo courtesy of Changing Denver Facebook Page

The Lowdown: It’s no secret that Denver is experiencing a period of rapid growth and change. Currently, at work on their fifth season, Changing Denver is a podcast dedicated to exploring the changes taking place around the city from the neighborhoods, streets and parks to the people. Host Paul Karolyi weaves through different areas of Denver and its surrounding areas each episode, even reaching out to local Denverites to get a window into how they feel about all of the changes. If you’ve been in Denver a while and want to learn more about how and why the city’s landscape is shifting, this is the one for you.

Denver Pizza Podcast

Photo courtesy of Denver Pizza Podcast Apple Podcasts Page

The Lowdown: You read that one right. The Denver Pizza Podcast follows hosts Megan Arellano and Paul Karolyi (from Changing Denver) as they “review every pie in Mile High.” If you’re looking for pizza recommendations, this is the place for you. Though the podcast primarily reviews pizza places in Denver, Arellano and Karolyi will occasionally venture out to Boulder and other surrounding cities. The perfect pizza place for you is out there somewhere. Infused with plenty of humor and fun, this podcast will probably make you really hungry.

Denver Orbit

Photo courtesy of Denver Orbit website

The Lowdown: Denver Orbit is an award-winning podcast self-described as an “audio magazine.” Featuring the stories and music of local Denverites, this community-driven podcast always looks for stories, music, poetry and more. Don’t be thrown off by the automated voice that starts out each episode — there are real people telling stories after that initial intro. If you’re looking for a local, story-driven podcast for your commute, check them out.

DNVR Broncos Podcast

Photo courtesy of DNVR Denver Broncos Podcast Stitcher Page

The Lowdown: Football fans rejoice! The DNVR Broncos Podcast is hosted by journalists Ryan Koenigsberg, Zac Stevens and Andrew Mason. They dive deep into all the latest updates from Broncos Nation and interact with football fans by answering submitted questions. The hosts also explore specific moments from specific games. From loyal football fans to newbies, this podcast aims to teach, update and entertain.

Chef or Death

Photo courtesy of Chef or Death Facebook Page

The Lowdown: Foodies, this one is for you. Previously the chef and owner of 3rd Ave Eclectic Burgers & Cuisine, Larimer Hot House, 3Top Catering, and Chia’s Breakfast & Lunch Counter, Chef Eric Chiappetta took all 30 years of his culinary experience and channeled it into his Denver-based podcast. The podcast represents an amalgamation of the food and beverage industry through exploring the lives of chefs and the people behind restaurants, kitchens and bars. Be sure to keep an eye out for some classic Denver spots featured on his podcast.

The Denver Podcast

Photo courtesy of The Denver Podcast website

The Lowdown: If you haven’t heard of this one, you need to add this podcast into your rotation. Hosts Larry Elwood and David Adame explore Denver’s vibrant community of creative professionals from local musicians and artists to business owners, restaurateurs and philanthropists. Elwood has been a Denver resident for over two decades while Adame has lived in and around the Denver area since 2000. Learn more about to how to listen to The Denver Podcast here.

The Narrators

Photo courtesy of The Narrators Facebook page

The Lowdown: Comedian and actor Andrew Orvedahl founded a small live storytelling show in Denver in 2010. Drastically transforming over the course of the last nine years, The Narrators became what is now the popular weekly podcast. At its core, the podcast strives to showcase the “art of true storytelling.” They have partnered with numerous organizations including Colorado Public Radio, the Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Denver Music Summit, Denver Film Festival, Off-Center at Jones Theater, Buntport Theater, High Plains Comedy Festival, Audiovore’s Fortunate Listener, Rooftop Comedy, Musica Sacra Chamber Orchestra, the Flobots and more. If you love the podcast, be sure to to check our their live monthly show, The Narrators Denver, hosted by Ron S. Doyle and Erin Rollman.