Denver Once Again Named America’s Worst City To Find Love

The Mile High City just can’t catch a break when it comes to finding love. Global touring series, The Great Love Debate has returned to crown Denver as America’s worst city to find love for the second time since 2017. The live Town Hall-style touring series utilizes a formula that takes into consideration the opinions and demographic data from over 107,000 men and women who have attended the tour’s shows over the past six years, and the millions who have listened to the top-rated Great Love Debate with Brian Howie Podcast. The conclusion — Denver daters earned themselves consistently low marks across the board in the realm of communication, style, confidence, and enthusiasm.

In describing Denver’s dating scene, Howie comments, “Denver sees itself as an active city, which is true. They are actively getting worse at dating and relationships. Denver men? The epicenter of bad bro culture — bearded, unkempt, and disinterested — content to lead to an existence built around pot, porn and Playstation — all washed down with overrated craft beer. And the city’s women are equally part of the problem, convincing themselves that their confused style of nose rings, bad tattoos, and Lululemon make them too edgy to relate; spending all waking hours at a co-working cafe plotting their “conscious coaching” empire, loudly declaring themselves too important to date.”


Known to be an interactive live social experiment on love, sex, dating, and relationships, The Great Love Debate has made 402 stops in 98 different cities worldwide since 2014.

The Great Love Debate will put on a special show at Denver Improv (8246 Northfield Blvd Unit 1400, Denver) on Wednesday, November 20th at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available here