Denver Once Again Named America’s Worst City To Find Love

Larimer street is a tourism highlight and worth a visit during the night time. the street lights are beautiful and some restaurants are around.

The Mile High City just can’t catch a break when it comes to finding love. Global touring series, The Great Love Debate has returned to crown Denver as America’s worst city to find love for the second time since 2017. The live Town Hall-style touring series utilizes a formula that takes into consideration the opinions and demographic data from over 107,000 men and women who have attended the tour’s shows over the past six years, and the millions who have listened to the top-rated Great Love Debate with Brian Howie Podcast. The conclusion — Denver daters earned themselves consistently low marks across the board in the realm of communication, style, confidence, and enthusiasm.

In describing Denver’s dating scene, Howie comments, “Denver sees itself as an active city, which is true. They are actively getting worse at dating and relationships. Denver men? The epicenter of bad bro culture — bearded, unkempt, and disinterested — content to lead to an existence built around pot, porn and Playstation — all washed down with overrated craft beer. And the city’s women are equally part of the problem, convincing themselves that their confused style of nose rings, bad tattoos, and Lululemon make them too edgy to relate; spending all waking hours at a co-working cafe plotting their “conscious coaching” empire, loudly declaring themselves too important to date.”


Known to be an interactive live social experiment on love, sex, dating, and relationships, The Great Love Debate has made 402 stops in 98 different cities worldwide since 2014.

The Great Love Debate will put on a special show at Denver Improv (8246 Northfield Blvd Unit 1400, Denver) on Wednesday, November 20th at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are available here


  1. Just too many guys in Denver (like 20% more) so ever girls getting too much attention giving them an inflated sense of self. And even good guys are getting passed over while women are waiting to see if they can find something “better” down the line…

    1. The population is split 50-50 between men and women, Mr. NiceGuy. If women don’t want to date you, it’s because of your personality and not some conspiracy. Be better.

  2. I’d still rather live here than anywhere else in the country. It may be the “epicenter of bad bro culture” but could you imagine dating a man from Alabama?! ? I’ll take beards, pot and Playstations over unhealthy & racist anyday.

    1. Lol…well that was ignorant. There are plenty of racists in Denver. Trust me. As a black woman attempting to date here, I’d be more than willing to try dating in Alabama or any other state at this point.

      1. Yeah I’m a minority from the South and Denver is way more racist than Jackson, MS. Dating here is a joke.

        1. Guys I live in New York it’s worse here. Rich men they want sugar baby, others wants just hookup dating scene is bad very bad. I’m looking to move somewhere !!!

      2. People having preferences on who they date (ethnicity, eye color, etc.) does not make them racist per se.

  3. …Umm there are actually about 95,000 more women than men here. City-data and/or is your friend.

  4. I don’t know, I am in my mid thirties and I have had several wonderful relationships after my divorce. The women here are strong, so you have to keep up. Going to the brewery is about as boring as Netflix. As long as you plan fun activities, museums, hiking, aquariums, archery, escape rooms…etc…whatever you find fun, there are so many smart, capable and interesting single people.

    I think it’s a great place to date.

      1. I am in love with a wonderful woman I met after dating for 2 years. I don’t date anymore, but I still have fond memories of everyone I dated during that time.

        That’s why I say Denver is good for dating. At least from a straight man’s point of view: strong, adventurous women who know how to work hard and play hard.

  5. I think the type of audience described in this poll must mean The Great Love Debate attracts a niche population and is certainly not accurate when describing the single men and women I know. There are many hugely successful, clean-shaven men who don’t need a wife because sadly too many women give it away without commitment. Denver also has equally successful women who have trust issues after having survived one too many bad relationships. Even those descriptions represent sub-populations, not all single people. The headline is catchy and I’m sure gets the clicks it wants, but it’s far to narrow in focus to be taken serious. I do think it would be a fascinating study if it was more inclusive of all singles in Denver.

  6. In my opinion it’s not the worst state to find love. How can that even be defined when there are so many levels to love. Relationship wise you have couples out here but to put it in perspective, we have self driven single individuals that are not willing to stop the life style they live for an uncertain relationship. Especially when you can date and have no expectations of anyone. Learn about yourself then go get into the relationship you desire. That’s my opinion on it

  7. As a guy, I’ve found it much more difficult dating here than in Texas. All my guy friends with same issues. We’re all professionals, active (some more than others), none of us are stereotypically bro-ey or stoners or play video games….and yet, can’t seem to get any quality matches on any of the apps or IRL. Heck one of my friends is a pediatric ER doc. Literally saves kids’ lives! And he only gets about one match a month on the apps. hahaha. Would love to hear the perspective of the ladies out there

    1. Bro,

      I’m calling you bro because your comment is such a bro comment. Women are people, not pursuits. Get over yourself, remember what jewelry a woman wears on a date, what shade of lipstick, what her father’s hobbies are, etc… and what she wants in life. Make sure you want what she wants too. Always make sure you plan a fun date that is different than every other thing she’s already done and never take someone for granted.

      You will be up to your eyeballs in dates, but not if you think that being a pediatric ER doc means you deserve pussy. You can help kids and still treat women like shit. That is where your comment made me call you “bro,” bro.

      Or go back to Texas where women want their house and 2.5 children.

      1. Bro,

        You’re tilting at windmills. I think you missed my point and/or grossly misread my comment. Many of my successful well put together guy friends struggle to even find someone to go on a first date with. Same can be said for many of my female friends. I did not say, nor imply, anything about treating women like shit. or treating them like pursuits. I never said that my doc friend thinks he deserves pussy….I don’t even know what part of my comment that you’re twisting around in your head to come to those conclusions….My point was that my Doc friend couldn’t even find someone to go on a first date with him. (It’s hard to pay attention to what jewelry your date wears if there’s no date to begin with). I don’t think it’s that big of a stretch to say that being a pediatric ER doctor is an attractive profession to some women, and that you might expect him to receive more interest than someone who looks similar but is less credentialed.

        Seems to me that Denver is a tough city to date in for men and women – including the ones not encompassed by the author’s cheeky stereotypes.

        And if I have to go back to Texas to find a woman who values starting a family, then you can be damn sure that’s what I’ll do.

        1. Stephen, in Holland, where there are lots of windmills, the term, “windmill,” means a loose woman. You know, like she goes round and round the scene. So actually Matt is right in that now you’re a sexist pig until you like 25 pro-woman comments on Facebook. Glad to be of assistance.

          1. Bahahaha! Oh man. That is darkly, hilarious! I was going for the Don Quixote version of the phrase…. If I ever visit Holland – I will have to drop that phrase from my lexicon just to be on the safe side. Now to get on FB and atone for my sins….hahaha.

      2. Matt, I think you meant to say, “Go back to Texas (or anywhere in the South) where you and your woman can afford to buy a house and feed 2.5 children.

      3. Wow! Amazingly ignorant comment. You read a lot of conclusions into his response that just weren’t there.

    2. Doctor = job security/money and also no time for you. Sure we can date when I’m not on-call, in clinic, completing patient notes, prescription refills, boat loads of other paper as well as self care stuff like go to the gym. Got an important event? Let me know 6 months in advance and I might be able to block my calendar.

  8. This is pretty accurate. The passive aggressive behaviors and the entitlement of the general public is absolutely herrondous. Let alone trying to date a half way decent woman who isnt preoccupied by the narrative here. Moved from Florida 8 months ago..wish i wouldve chose a different state.

    1. Richard I have to say I agree with you 110% I was born and raised here, moved to California for about 10 years and I can see what you’re talking about. I wish I would have stayed in California.

  9. Spot on response, and I apologize. That doesn’t happen on comment threads often, so put that in your cap!

    But I still say that Denver is the best place I have ever dated.

    1. Thanks. Appreciate the response. Kudos to you for that (and on your dating success).

      Cheers to hoping that – someday – we all share your opinion of the dating scene here!

  10. The people here are entitled, passive aggressive , unaccountable and lack emotional intelligence. I got here right before the boom and it was much more of a extremely angry cow town then it is today. The more transplants come the better it is getting here. I have lived in cities all over and this has got to be the worst place I have lived and its completely due to the people. Whoever wrote this didn’t walk around the block once and see all the uptight Midwestern copies that try to kill anyone that is different then them with sideways stares and gossip. Good luck seeing Denver get any better cause the hate and passive aggressive nature is contagious. After dealing with it awhile you tend to start displaying the same antisocial behavior. I have seen people come and go because of this. Luckily we will be off to green pastures and it sounds like alot of my work team will be leaving out of here in the coming years. Hope this helps anyone who may have recently came that has a issue for the same reason. Good luck finding something better!

  11. I agree with Ryan 100% the people here are mean! They’re the worst people I’ve seen in all the places I’ve lived.

  12. If you want more love in the world put it there. If you’re looking for kind people, be one. The irony is nearly everyone from the author to those replying are placing people in subgroups and speaking as if all people in that group are the same. I’m 55 and been here for most of my life, and found mean, angry people and kind, loving people not just here, but everywhere I’ve ever gone. Stephen, I know many people who have met and then married online. Then others like me who would never even try. I think the key to finding your person is doing what you love to do and meeting people along the way. If you value volunteer work, volunteer, if you live to ski, do that, if church is important, get involved in your church, etc. But what do I know? I’ve been single for 5 years since my divorce. I intentionally didn’t date until my son was grown, and now need to take my own advice and start doing the things I love. The worst thing that could happen is I’ll enjoy my time, I might make friends who enjoy the same thing, and maybe someday I’ll get lucky and find someone who makes me laugh again. Denver is a wonderful place. The country as a whole is getting clickier and angry. I say we let kindness start with us and pay less attention to studies that summarize an entire population after speaking to under 2k people. I hope you each find love if that’s what you’re hoping for! Cheers!

    1. Dating now is all about looks. In the advent of social media & dating apps young women are inundated with choice. Boosting their ego’s in the process. Women are seeking the top 10% to 15% of men JUST by appearance.

      On the flip side, it’s the same reason why they keep getting kicked to the curb. Have trust issues, etc. These top tier men have too much choice right now so they’ll never settle for any particular girl.

      Women have to realize in order to attain these men you have to offer way more than your vagina because that’s easily replaceable for these guys.

      In hindsight, it’s all about looks. That’s why I kept reading on this thread about bummy bro dudes having girlfriends and the pediatrician surgeon can’t get laid.

      If you’re average or below average looking to her—IT’S OVER. Don’t think that moving to a different city will help because it’s not just Denver that’s experiencing this.

  13. Why are so many people looking for someone to “make them laugh”. Or “loves to travel” ? If that is a prerequisite to fall in love with or choose to lovr someone then no wonder so many people in metro Denver can’t find someone. It’s ironic because they are in a metro area with millions of people but people are often waiting for something better or say they want a relationship but when it comes down to it are too lazy to put in the work or won’t accept someone who isn’t a perfect ideal for them….and the eHarmony mode of common interests is baloney…..yes it helps to have common interests but that shouldn’t be what is necessary to form a bond…love compassion and a spark are really what makes it work …if you want to laugh go to a comedy club..if your partner doesn’t like hiking but you do, then make some hiking friends.
    Bottom line is people in general are looking for too much from one person, too tall of an order, and the pressure put on possible love interests to fill that order is enourmous.

    1. That is a great comment, and there are many studies on the problem of “too much choice” and also the very American problem of “the perfect match”.
      Where I would put blame on Denver women is 1. Looking for rom-com movie scenarios and 2. Regardless of her income, she wants the guy to be almost a sugar daddy to her because “she deserves he best!”.

  14. Colorado is definably a transient resident and classic nuclear family state. When you combine these two items together the outcome are people often isolated without authentic extended support. I seriously doubt the reason people aren’t hooking up and staying hooked up has anything to do with the number of tattoos on their body or what generation they’re from.

  15. Bros/Professionals mad because wook ladies don’t want them. Lol. This city is probably shitty for dating but its great if you are poly. I love the women here, they are independent and don’t deal with bullshit. Plus so many of them are trying to start businesses or work on their career. The real statement here is that the ideals of monogamy are changing and just like with weed and mushrooms denver is leading the way. All plusses for the misses and I. Saw a comment about 2.5 kids and a house, and that is truly what the south is like. Get married, have kids, work a meh job and get a trailer. Denver women are better than that.

  16. Stay away from wook ladies! Or anyone that says they are poly. Poly is code for “I’m a selfish asshole and I just want sex whenever I want, I won’t commit to you and you can never trust me”

    The only bad relationship I ever had was with a wook. She was a professional clinical neuropsychologist, but waked and baked every morning and went to Sanchos or Ripple to get wasted every afternoon.

    Wooks: no good.

    Other Denver women: amazing.

  17. Ok so some of what everyone that has stated can be of opion or fact. But experience goes a lot further than only option. Any man or woman can have whome they want. given their is a bit of Formula that goes with it but nothing tough. So keep in mind that being reallistic is very relevant. Now approching someone of interest. May take a little practice and with that you risk failure. A lot of guys might have a system that works but it works on the ones that they have to settle for. Not on the one that they want. So if you can approach the one that you want. Pick something that is none offensive but genuine at the same time not phoney and yes if you can get her to smile and laugh you have a way better chance with her than not. It’s not what you have its how you sell what you have that closes the deal so to speak. Don’t act like a player. Almost any woman will look another way in the first sentence if so it’s over. If you can’t keep her eyes on you and her attention for more then a minute. Be polite and move on.
    Now the realistic part is where you are. if your in a club your game has to be ON because of the competition. Most attractive woman will chase after real good looking guys even if they treat them like dirt because they don’t want another better looking woman or lesser looking woman to land him. Stay away from them. They will just use you and dump you quicker than fast. So aside from them remember don’t chase after someone that you can’t have. And that’s what gets guys in trouble. Guys are there for the taking try not to get took. But there are alot of very beautiful woman that are looking for long lasting love. Listen to what they want and if it sounds reasonable and if they are open to ajustments now then you just might have someone. But also if we are looking we will never find its when your not looking that will find. It’s hard and expensive to be out in bars and clubs looking for the one. He or she is hardly ever out there. Also people that are on their phone’s texting or whatever is not a good place to look for what your interested in. So WHERE well if I knew that I would not be single. But I know where not to look. Like not at a park. Or a gym or even a church you could risk getting nailed to a cross. Parties flemarkets places where people are looking for things are the best places that you might have at least a.hopd start.

  18. Just moved to Denver – so far I’ve only met fun-loving, easy-going people here. Maybe I’m just not being snarky and judgmental enough.
    As one who’s been fortunate enough never to have many problem with dating, wherever I’ve lived, I will say this for the ladies: nose rings are cute, bad tattoos can be a good conversation piece, but Lululemon? Instant deal-breaker. 😉

    1. Lululemon is almost second nature here. Lots of fun loving people but don’t be surprised to see the awesome women who are looking for a relationship dating “stray dogs” because then they have control. And be prepared for the onslaught of old ladies and fatties who think you might actually be interested.

  19. Excellent article. Right on point. Denver sucks. So fucking boring here. Think not? Travel to any other real city. Can’t even get a taco here on taco Tuesday at 1130 at night. The man bun in out of control. 8/1 more guys then women . Denver culture is lame.

  20. Many I think have missed the point here.
    Denver is a great place for dating, but not for serious relationships that include real love. There is a difference. Denver is also a “perfect storm” for this. Has everything that makes dating for fun ideal, enabling short term fun, which avoiding a non-committal relationship environment.

  21. There is always a common denominator when people complain about anything. It is the person complaining. It is you.

    I have never been single in Denver for more than a few months. And during those months I always had dates. So many different, amazing women. Locals, foreigners, artists, scientists, all with interesting hobbies and passions. I think I might have found someone to spend my life with now, but I loved almost every woman I dated in this city.

    I lived in NYC for 5 years, the dating scene was so temporary, overworked people who just wanted to hook up on the weekend after drinking at a bar or club. Here, I go hiking, to museums, plays, escape rooms, climbing gyms, skiing, rafting. Dates start at noon on a Saturday and are way more fun than small talk at a noisy restaurant.

  22. I agree with some of the above comments. Any city is what you make of it and as some stated, often times the people that complain are the problem. However, I do think that people need to step out of their comfort zones aka dating apps a bit more and just start conversations again (not just at the bar).

    I did a small video experiment after participating on the Great Love Debate (the show that named Dever the worst city to find love) and interviewed a few strangers on their experience dating/socializing in Denver. Feel free to check it out below! 🙂

  23. Lived here for about 18 years, the dating scene does suck. I was so sure it was me (i hate being a whiny bish) but recently lived in Texas for 3 years San Antonio and its a night/day difference. People were so nice, i would look back and think how depressing it was in Colorado, would look at pictures and think it was a different planet. Now granted i have some amazing friends here in colorado but whats funny is there 20 years older than me. I think every place has a niche for some people. Bros into your 40s is the perfect place for you here in colorado, women love that shit here! But that aint me and i hate baseball caps. There was a study recently about Denver’s dating scene, how it was different than any state they surveyed. Basically most people don’t do standerd dating here. Men go out in packs dress in jerseys, look like shit, play video games all day and women are just so used to it that they really don’t know anything else (the majority) .
    Now i will say, i do see also alot of people in committed relationships. Anyways the article made alot of sense, in that the dating here is just really weird. 9news also did a segment that menver is a real statistical actuality.
    So if your having a hard time make sure its not you first then try a different place. Sometimes a place just inst your thing and thats ok.

    1. Women aren’t just accustomed to slummy guys, they actually want someone who will basically dependent on them for a better standard of living. Guys can and do market themselves as “stay at home father” material, all they really exist as are stray dogs.

  24. This is so accurate. Everyone here has inflated heads, and too much of mommy’s and daddy’s trust fund money in they pocket. I could easily write a 5 paragraph essay about why and how the people of Colorado are litterally the worst people in the country. Well, maybe not the worst, you still have Mississippi up there as one of the worst but this is like top 5, absolutely.

  25. Yes, Colorado has long been a playground for those living on the hard work of their elders. And they look specifically for people who can “keep up with them”.

  26. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Black Pill

    Dating now is all about looks. In the advent of social media & dating apps young women are inundated with choice. Boosting their ego’s in the process. Women are seeking the top 10% to 15% of men JUST by appearance.

    On the flip side, it’s the same reason why they keep getting kicked to the curb. Have trust issues, etc. These top tier men have too much choice right now so they’ll never settle for any particular girl.

    Women have to realize in order to attain these men you have to offer way more than your vagina because that’s easily replaceable for these guys.

    In hindsight, it’s all about looks. That’s why I kept reading on this thread about bummy bro dudes having girlfriends and the pediatrician surgeon can’t get laid.

    If you’re average or below average looking to her—IT’S OVER. Don’t think that moving to a different will help because it’s not just Denver that’s experiencing this.

  27. Denvers dating scene is atrocious. Women here are too concerned with feeling empowered every minute of the day and hold on to this belief that they are better than men. Sorry sweethearts but you’re just as flawed as the rest of us. The men here aren’t men, they are passive, pushovers who allow women to treat them like trash because they are too afraid to tell a girl off. Everyone is too occupied with pounding alcohol and drugs into their system, spending their money on live music and fighting for every little minority group. Enough with the LGBT being thrown in our faces everyday. The need to push beliefs on everyone and ostracize everyone with different opinions. People crying about everything, and demanding these fake rights and blaming everyone else for the inadequacies. I moved here to enjoy life, not deal with a bunch of progressive lunatics that care more about illegals than american veterans on the streets. Ethically non monogamous, polygamy and make believe genders are running rampant in this city, because no one is there to check them. this city gives into everyone. Fake feminists who couldn’t get a date because they are just horrible human beings, but instead blame men or the culture. I dont have a problem with anyone, but your life should be more private. Safe zones and election crying is sad and the liberal culture here is apparently destroying the city. But because the outcasts from all around the country come here, they band together to form a group that fights for the most pathetic things. Treating Trans people as heroes and holding people on pedestals. Its disgusting.

    1. Dan, you’re right the dating scene here is atrocious for people like you. If you believe LGBT rights are “fake,” feminists here are “fake and horrible human beings” and Trans people are treated as “heroes,” then maybe city living isn’t for you. Nearly every city in the US supports equality and is socially progressive. If you’re having trouble dating, it’s because women find your views repulsive in a civilized society.

      I’m male, and I found Denver to be a great place to date. I had dozens of dates with many different women from all walks of life. I am personally monogamous but only met one woman that wanted an open relationship, and guess what? We still had a good date, went to an escape room (which we rocked) and parted amicably with a high five.

      Eventually I met a wonderful PhD student, and we just got engaged. But I enjoyed my time dating in Denver and was happy with my single life until I met the right woman.

      Sorry to respond to such an old post, but it came up in my email, and I felt like I had to respond. Respect women, respect people’s gender identities, and change your hateful ideology, and you’ll have a great time dating in this city.

      1. Denver is an over rated BORING city of phony millennial wannabe’s trying to impress each other. Where are the good looking 50’s and such? They literally don’t exist! In the suburbs, you find either cheating and super insecure married men or bitter divorcees trying to relive their 30’s. It’s just weird as hell. Phony keep up with the Jonses
        Where are the real people?

  28. I’ve noticed girls and women here are whack. The most mediocre species of who think they are “bad” with no gold diamonds and don’t even look halfway decent. But I’m also from the coast so there is a lot more women. ??

  29. I disagree with this ongoing blanket statement we’ve been hearing for years. Denver is not the worst place to find love. IT IS however the place you have to work the hardest to find a long-term partner. There are plenty of wonderful singles here, but you’ll have to put in time and sift through ten times as many people. It’s a good problem to have IMO. Singles can be pickier in Denver. Love will not easily fall in your lap here. As a straight female, you’ll need to focus on sifting through all the Peter Pan Syndrome. As a straight male, you’ll need to find a way to stand out and communicate what is special about you. (I am not as familiar with the LGBTQ dating pool, would love to hear opinions though!) Anyone else feel this way?!

  30. Where are all the punk and metalhead singles in Denver, I heard this was a rock and roll town but where’s my hot, slightly mean in a fun way long hair weirdo future boyfriend hiding? Tinder has mostly normie dudes who seem nice but we probably won’t have many common interests.

  31. I’ve been in Colorado for 29 years and I’m married to a CO native. We have been together for 27 years. I have met numerous single girls and most all of them were nice to talk with. I also have met many more strange people of both sexes here. As the title says “Once Again”…nominated the worst in all the US. That’s it….because of people who come here and brought their broken mentality with them. When I was growing up in California, the neighbors kept to themselves….broken. When I came to Colorado some time ago, I lived in Loveland and it was good. I eventually moved to Denver for my wife and what a change of atmosphere. A rat race with a few normal people. There will be some people reading this and might post some angry racist comment but before you do…read the title of this article again in case you couldn’t comprehend it the first time. People of a city is what makes the city good or bad.

  32. No wonder I had that judgemental LRD from Denver who keeps on running now it’s for good bye

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