Tavern Downtown and Cowboy Lounge Have Closed

It’s the end of an era, and a massive change to Market Street as we know it. Two of the marquee pre-game, post-game and late-night debauchery locales in LoDo have shut their doors for good. According to Denver Eater, the Tavern Downtown, as well as Cowboy Lounge, have shuttered their bustling doors. Once named a “Top 10 Rooftops in America” by Playboy Magazine, Tavern’s downtown location as well as the neighboring Cowboy Lounge, both owned by the Tavern Hospitality Group were always packed on the weekends drawing lines of party goers as much as sports fans looking to cap off Rockies games at the nearby Coors Field.

In the raucous space, fans of the popular bars can still visit Tavern’s other locations across the Denver metro area, including a forthcoming location in Uptown. There is still no word on what, if anything, will replace the bars or an official reason for their untimely closures. However, across the street Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row (yes, like the country singer), is hoping to open up shop and will likely fill any booze and boot-scootin’ needs left by the now closed bars.


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