Denver Bicycle Cafe Is Closing For Good

Uptown’s popular bicycle and coffee joint, The Denver Bicycle Cafe will close for good on November 1. The popular multi-faceted operation has been a beloved part of the surrounding community since co-founders, Jessica Caouette and Peter Roper opened its doors in 2011. Unfortunately, according to   BusinessDen, the Denver Bicycle Cafe and Tandem Bar formerly the DBC Beer hall will close due to an inability to come to an agreement with their landlord and difficulties posed by the upcoming Park 17 apartment complex which has suffered extensive delays and construction issues around the property.

The conditions of the triple net lease have become a burden on the business partially due to an increased assessment on its property value. Combining that with the businesses’ unprofitability of the past year, and the delayed opening of Park 17, and the Bicycle Cafe cannot afford to wait it out. Bicycle Cafe also won’t be relocated as they can’t afford to build out a new place to accommodate the old business. Despite the setback, co-founder Jessica Caouette says, “We’re really proud of what we’ve done.” This Friday, bicycles and accessories will be discounted 20 to 50 percent.

The Denver Bicycle Cafe and Tandem Bar (1308 E 17th Ave, Denver, 80218) will remain open through October, and hold a special goodbye party on November 1.