Four Denver Cafes With Educational Coffee Cuppings and Classes

Do you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur? Maybe you’ve tried a few cafes in Denver and found your favorite, local spot. Maybe you’ve even dabbled in coffee cupping to create the perfect brew at home. Whatever level you’re at these four cafes have a class that will elevate your coffee knowledge and take your brew to the next level. From public tastings to professional cupping classes there are a plethora of classes to choose from to help you find your perfect sip.

Not sure what a coffee cupping is? Here’s a brief explainer.

Sapor Coffee

sapor coffee

Photo by Amanda Piela

Where: 2795 Speer Blvd. #17, Denver

The Lowdown: Sapor takes a different approach to the cupping or roasting classes you can find at other coffee shops. Instead of attending a class you can order “Cupping: A Coffee Tasting Experience” on the menu. The experience includes three or more coffee tastings in a cupping format – starting at $9 – where customers can choose from four to eight offerings depending on the season and availability. The reason Sapor does cuppings this way is so that customers can come at anytime and enjoy this experience without having to plan ahead. Drink up!


Photo by Lauren Magin

Where: 1452 Kenton St., Aurora

The Lowdown: Jubilee has a few simple goals – sell coffee, foster collaboration and help the community flourish. One of the ways it helps its neighbors flourish is through free coffee cupping classes. The Jubilee coffee cupping experience is open to the public every Friday at 11 a.m. and the topics discussed vary based on the customers’ interests that day. It’s a great stop if you are looking for a more casual experience, great conversation and an introduction to coffee cupping. Learn about processes such as farming, processing, sourcing, roasting and brewing and leave with an enlightened sense of community.

Copper Door Coffee

Copper Door Coffee

Photo by Lauren Magin

Where: 900 W. 1st Avenue #180, Denver and 7581 E Academy Blvd., Denver

The Lowdown: Hannah Ulrich of Copper Door Coffee Roasters opened Denver’s first 100% female-owned roastery in 2014 and has paved the way for women in the coffee roasting industry ever since. As a former teacher and current chair of the US Coffee Championships Roasters Competition, Ulrich sees education as a way to learn new skills and deepen the appreciation of the things she loves – in this case that’s coffee. Copper Door offers several coffee education classes ranging from the essentials like Intro to Roasting and Espresso Basics to more specialty classes like Latte Art and Chocolate & Coffee Pairing. Whatever you go for you’ll leave with a new appreciation for coffee and some extra pep in your step.

Sweet Bloom

Sweet Bloom coffee

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters

Where: 1619 N. Reed St., Lakewood

The Lowdown: Sweet Bloom aims to bring an exceptional coffee experience to its guests through a variety of coffee cupping classes that range from beginner to professional levels. The Seed to Cup class follows coffee from the farm to the cafe and touches on the economic impacts of coffee over the years while the enthusiast and professional classes go deeper into the brewing process. Each class ranges from one to three hours depending on the level and guests walk away with an understanding of what makes coffee truly special. Each class is taught by trainers that have held leadership positions in global organizations like the Specialty Coffee Association, World Coffee Events and the Barista Guild for a worldwide experience. Sweet Bloom also offers free public tastings where guests can taste several coffees side by side and begin to learn the nuances between cups.

All photography by Lauren Magin unless otherwise noted.