New Colorado Music You Should Know – September Edition

Welcome to our monthly series on new Colorado music. Every month we highlight five local musicians, five local music videos and five local songs. Go here to check out previous entries to the series. Are you a Denver artist with fresh music you would like us to check out? Send to for consideration.

Denver’s hip hop and rap scene stepped up to the plate in August. With a wide collection of releases from Denver’s emerging musicians, this month we celebrate the continual shaping of Denver’s increasingly diverse music scene. The artists this month feel the changing of seasons, with many of the new releases pulling inspiration from the end of summer drawing near. As our sunny days come to a close, you can revisit this new Colorado music anytime for a reminder of this year’s summertime vibes.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Sister Neapolitan

Listen if you like The Wailin’ Jennys

Sister Neapolitan combines three unique styles into one deliciously harmonizing treat for an instantly soothing listening experience. Although not actual sisters, Megan Ellsworth, Katie Smith and Alana Margolis have a magnetic persona that casts a spell on the listener with their gorgeous unifying vocals.

Jxhn Dxe

Listen if you like Tech N9ne

Jxhn Dxe cuts through the clutter of today’s mumble rap with his sharp vocals and impressive delivery. His lyricism overshadows the uncomplicated beats and remains at the focus throughout his work. Although relatively new to the scene, Jxhn Dxe is already bringing something fresh to Denver’s rap landscape.

Immigrant’s Child

Listen if you like Bad Suns

Immigrant’s Child is an indie rock motley crew made up of Denver locals Keeana and Jessica as vocalists, Josiah on bass, Mario on lead guitar and Brenden on drums. Their debut self-titled EP ranges from lighthearted stories to emotion-fueled ballads. Their varied style brings something for everyone to the table and keeps the listener intrigued throughout.

Summer Junell

Listen if you like ScHoolboy Q

Summer Junell has a clear vision in her work that makes her style both distinct and instantly recognizable. Her razor-sharp verses and catchy beats complement each other to create an artistic style that’s years ahead of her time yet still the perfect vibe for the end of summer.

Odie Swisher

Listen if you like DJ Krush

Odie Swisher is the rebranded project of Phil Divine. Previously SumGuy, the newly reborn Odie Swisher came out swinging with his newly released instrumental mix, “Orange Soda.” His continuous vibe-driven style is the ultimate refreshment for summer.

Five New Local Songs

SUCH – “Wide Nose, Full Lips”

Listen if you like H.E.R.

SUCH shines beauty on her unique features in her latest release, “Wide Nose, Full Lips.” A mantra that matches her physical elegance, “Wide Nose, Full Lips” is an empowering single reminds us all that our individuality should be cherished and appreciated.

TYJA3 – “All Mine” feat. DNA Picasso

Listen if you like Tyga

TYGA3’s latest release with Denver’s own DNA Picasso is an instant pump-up party hit. A mix of danceable beats and a catchy chorus, “All Mine” is the perfect addition to any pregame playlist. Just make sure you’re ready to turn up for the night.

The Party People – “Don’t Stop”

Listen if you like The Funk Hunters

The Party People keep the vibe going in “Don’t Stop.” A hip-hop influenced bop, “Don’t Stop” fuses scratching and a steady verse for a continuous rhythm that naturally makes you want to dance. Known for their ability to get the party going, “Don’t Stop” is no exception in their pursuit of celebration.

Alex Blocker – “Good Luv” feat. ANGELIQUE.

Listen if you like Common

Alex Blocker doesn’t play within the confines of a particular genre. Instead, Blocker fuses hip-hop, jazz and a contemporary violin finesse to pave his own path in “Good Luv.” As a classically trained violinist, Blocker adds his flair to his work for an artistic style that is completely original.

TNERTLE – “The Last Sunset”

Listen if you like Zoogma

“The Last Sunset” is an ode to the end of summer. A steady, chilled-out single, “The Last Sunset” matches the dynamic atmosphere through beach-influenced instrumentals and a laid-back, easy-listening approach to the changing seasons.

Five New Local Music Videos

Conscious Tone – “Blame Me”

Listen if you like G-Eazy

“Blame Me” is a three-part journey through the events that led to a break-up. While reminiscing about the good and the bad, Conscious Tone brings closure to a toxic relationship and moves forward while begging the question, “can you blame me?”

Kayla Marque – “Love Should Be”

Listen if you like Whitney Houston

Kayla Marque is stopping for no one. Her second music video this summer, Marque continues to raise the bar in her latest release, “Love Should Be.” A visual masterpiece, Marque draws her stylistic inspiration from the four elements — blue representing water, white for air, red as fire, and black for Earth.

Robert Shredford – “Shreddy Betty”

Listen if you like La Luz

“Shreddy Betty” is a vintage montage of early ’60s style beach videos. In artistic alignment with the Fort Collins-based surf rock group Robert Shredford, “Shreddy Betty” stays true to the ’60s beach vibes, bringing a little slice of the surf to our landlocked state.

AveryJ & The BA – “Spirit Cookin’”

Listen if you like Kendrick Lamar

AveryJ & The BA brings an energetic, tribal influenced energy to church in “Spirit Cookin’.” Taking a celebratory yet purposeful approach, AveryJ & The BA mixes old-world gospel with new-world power to create a melting pot of dance and song that makes you wish there to experience the taping in person.

Jenny LaJoye – “Siggy’s Song”

Listen if you like Brandi Carlile

Jenny LaJoye breaks down the artistic process in this “Siggy’s Song” video. While not technically a music video, LaJoye still visually stuns with their impressive creative ability to craft a song from scratch. While we’re not sure how exactly the instrument LaJoye used works, we don’t need to understand the specifics to know it’s a work of art.